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    MICROPLANE Mini Grater

    This tiny grater weighs next to nothing, but it was too small for me to handle. I wanted something to bring with me to backpack, and I knew this would work with a little modification. I made a leather handle for it and riveted the leather to the grater at one end. I was fortunate because each end of the mini grater already has a hole, and it was the exact diameter I needed!

    DSC00318.JPG I like to keep a stick of cinnamon in a vacuum sealed pack and bring it with me on hikes. I can shave some fresh cinnamon into my tea or use as a seasoning on just about anything.

    DSC00321.JPG Here you can see a small bag with chaga inside, cinnamon and the grater. I can store these easily enough in just about any compartment. The actual weight of the grater with the leather handle I made for it comes to just about 1/2 an ounce.

    DSC00319.JPG Here is a close-up of the grater. I have used this extensively at home, often times grating cinnamon for tea and food. I have used this grater for about two years now, and it is still holding up great! Did I mention this thing costs two dollars? Yeah!

    Item Website: Microplane® Graters, Foot Files, Woodworking Tools/Buy Direct from the Mfg!
    Exact link to this item: Microplane Classic Series Try Me Zester
    Price: $1.99
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