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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ghrit, Oct 15, 2007.

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    Emory cloth?
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    police up your empties?

    The logic of "gun banners "never ceases to amaze me....If I'm ever going to commit a crime I think I'd be smart enough to,collect my empty brass ...(wtf?)
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    Intresting thought but since most of the weapons used in crimes are stolen it really isn't going to mean diddly about leaving the cases around. If I remember correctly any weapon used in a violent crime in cali. thats recovered is destroyed. So by micro-stamping the case at least they can call and tell you your stolen firearm was used in a crime and you aren't ever getting it back. What a crock of crap.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
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    What a completely worthless p.o.s. piece of legislation.
  8. Tango3

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    So they are selling it by identifying and punishing"bad "guns not just bad people...more logic...
  9. monkeyman

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    Its just a back door gun ban anyway. Most companies will simply not increase their cost of manufactureing by adding this crap so the guns wont be able to be sold in Cali. On top of that its pointles anyway since that fine of printing would be destroyed/worn off of the fireing pin in a few shots anyway. Stop and consider how big a fireing pins contact surface is, then consider hw big the numbers would have to be to have say 10 protrudeing numbers on that area. Now given that size and the natural wear of metal on metal when the pin hits primers (not to mention rubbing for cleaning) and how long would it actualy last? Not to mention that even if it is there, with that fine of a stamp and as shallow as it would have to be to not break or crush the numbers on impact, I seriously doubt it would make an indentation crisp enouph to transfer the numbers anyway. So it boils down to the fact that its simply a way to increase price to manufacturers to drive most out of their market and price the remaining legal guns out of the reach of the 'commoners' while knowing that at best it would only even print for the first mag through the gun.

    If it had to do with being able to trace guns used in crimes they would simply require every gun to be brought in and test fired so they could have balistics on file for each gun to match spent slugs to.
  10. Clyde

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    Where is the NRA? Were ****ed!
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    What I see coming in the near future is a mandatory replacement of firing pins for all privately owned firearms....at OWNERS expense! Then, there will be ANOTHER charge for the registration of your new micro-stamped firing pin! OH, and yet ANOTHER gun law will have to be concocted....FELONY possession of a firearm without a micro-stamped firing pin!
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    Hell the NRA is probably behind the scenes helping to put the idea together, kind of like the veterans disarmament bill. They have to make sure there is still a threat for tem to fight or they might stop getting their donations.
  13. BRONZ

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    There are problems with it also. Coming from a state that has new spent casing law for every new pistol sold. It hasn't made any difference.
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    You are all missing the obvious. The bill says it has to be on the tip, didn't say which tip, put it on the hammer side!
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    Just another stupid Fing law they not only thought up but through completely through to make criminals out of citizens or to make guns useless .

    So you go buy a gun in X caliber and you must supply the government with a sample of a case that has been fired with this "micro stamped" firing pin in place .

    Now here's where they screw ya .

    They know full well this info will be available State wide to all local governments and all the little pin heads running them and their various offices that deal with this garbage as well as how miserable they can make the average gun owners life because of their complete ignorance of guns .

    Say you buy a .357 or .44 magnum and the factory sends a test case with all new guns that you in turn must give to the state when you buy the thing . The manufacture includes a case from the actual caliber which is a 357 or 44 magnum . Suppose you use 38 or 44 special rounds for home defense and one day have to use the gun to defend yourself and or family . When the cops show up they take the gun away and lo and behold it has special cases in it and it isn't registered as a 38 or 44 special .

    How much you wanna bet they will come up with some law that you have broken by not registering it a second time ?

    What if you own a convertible like a Ruger Black hawk or 1 of the many semi autos on the market .

    Say you have a vintage 1911 with an Ace 22 LR conversion and go to the range and forgot to order a microstamped pin for the Ace unit and get stopped by an AHOLE cop that takes your guns to "Check them" just to make sure they are legal before letting you have them back .

    I bet you get a visit and it will be from a SWAT team since you own guns to arrest you .

    If you own a 45 or 40 S&W semi many have 9mm conversion units available and even 22 rimfire .

    Then there is the fact that firing pins are fairly small and even this so called micro stamping is going to create imperfections and flaws in the metal that will weaken it .

    If a pin breaks while shooting "part of the end shears off and you now have a sharp pointed firing pin" and you fire another shot you can have a pierced primer running the risk of injury from hot gasses .

    What do you want to bet you will hear of guns "exploding" in peoples faces when we start seeing news stories of people getting burns while shooting guns .

    Yes the whole thing plays into their hands , make stupid regulations that force the modification of guns that now make them dangerous indeed and when people get hurt it is all the guns fault instead of theirs by forcing the changes that made them that way .
  17. ghrit

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    Ronnie Barret has the right idea, simply stop selling them in the idiot jurisdictions. When the pork winners find out their home folks are not too pleased with the loss of jobs, things will come around. In the meantime, the manufacturers won't be hurt too badly, the overseas and other jurisdiction sales will hold up.
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    More important, like Barret, just make sure they can NOT be sold to any gov agency in those areas and make needed conversions so the private citizens can still buy them. Figure that when it gets to the point the National guard and police forces in the areas cant buy firearms and thier old ones need replaced the politicians will figure out they need to clean up their mess.
  19. sniper-66

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    The National Guard is issued their weapons from the DoD and so this scenario wouldn't apply to us. Cops on the other hand, they would suck hind *it.
    I know several cops that haven't qualified with their weapons for over a year now because there is no ammunition for them! They are feeling the same crunch as the rest of us.
  20. monkeyman

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    Could be wrongbut I thought Barret had made it happen that even the National Guard of Cali couldnt get his products since the state refused to allow civilians to buy the 50 cal, right before he made the .450 (?) to bypass the restrictions so the civilians could own his products.
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