Migrant who threw rocks at helicopter given 38 months

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    Migrant who threw rocks at helicopter given 38 months
    The Associated Press
    Published: 04.15.2006

    An illegal immigrant who tried to bring down a U.S. Border Patrol helicopter by throwing rocks at it was sentenced to 38 months in federal prison, the U.S Attorney's Office said.

    Antonio Eretza-Florez, 33, will be under supervision for 36 months after his release for the July 2004 incident. He was sentenced Thursday.

    Eretza-Florez was a passenger in a stolen vehicle packed with immigrants that a Huachuca City police officer tried to stop. A chase ensued, and the officer ran his patrol car into a ditch.

    Border Patrol agents arrived to help, and a helicopter and an unmanned aerial vehicle were brought in to search for the fleeing vehicle and its occupants.

    After the vehicle became stuck, Eretza-Florez ran into the desert and was chased by Border Patrol agents.

    As the helicopter flew low to guide agents to him, he threw several softball-sized rocks at the aircraft. The pilot avoided them, and one rock passed through the rotor blades.

    Eretza-Florez pleaded guilty Dec. 1 to aggravated assault on a federal agent and a charge of re-entering the U.S. after being deported.
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    [winkthumb] [beer]
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    Seems to me it would have been a case to be made that he was endangering their lives and a $0.50 bullet would have been a whole lot cheaper and stronger message than a trial and some jail time.
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    what a dumb f
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