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    I've been getting my moneys worth out of our netflix account nlately.Saw Mike Rupperts "collapse".
    caveat Mike Ruppert is a very controversial figure in the prepredness/conspiracy world (hailing from the "peakoil camp") some folks think he's a big self promoting fake,. I 've read his stuff for a long time.
    I got his movie "collapse" and convinced the wife to watch it with me, Shes' a peakoil "Non-believer" so she watched it with a one finger on the "pause"button and shooting holes in mikes '"argument".

    But he goes over all the factors coming to a crux now and she found herself agreeing with alot of what he said.(i.e " The u.s, government is useless; they are not addressing these issues"...)

    Mike has facebook page forthe movie and a newsite
    Welcome to Michael C. Ruppert's Collapse Network - a voice for the future
    to address current events and "lifeboat building". Mike is the guy who convinced me to focus on getting out of debt starting in 2005/6.

    The fact I pushed that and our unfolding current events are 90 % of the credibility I carry with my wife over survival/collapse related stuff. She has told many people in front of me that "he reads all this "stuff"... but his "monkey board" ( every survival related blog or forum on the web is "that monkey board" again" to her) Was right.and saw this coming 4 years ago.[boozingbuddies]
    Anyway, I liked "collapse", I like Mike...[applaud][applaud]
    I just wandered and found collapsenet has a $10 month fee and a "resume'": form I believe they are building a web of contacts.of like minded people( or "customers mailing list" for the more cynical)

    Oh yeah I gues he has been into music and after completeing the book and movie he finds himself making creative "post peak music" with "new white trash( newwhitetrash.com) lyrics are interesting
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    Collapse is an excellant movie - just watched it last night.

    I will be watching it again tonight. I was not familiar with him before he movie. I am going to be checking out his site soon.

    Take care -

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