milion minuteman demonstration...

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Jun 23, 2007.

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    Well this idea has been batted around here I fear discussing this peaceful and yet (still?) legal expression of dissatisfaction with the "usurption" of the constitution is the only way to Vent steam and keep clyde from recieving a complimentary oneway ticket to "cuber"...(no thanks necessary, old boy)..:shock:
    IF Something like this were to be organized, and Iv'e only got a technical education, ( I'm sure some of you with b s degrees as opposed to degrees in BS (me) could manage an event like this)...

    Things to consider
    1)Would even discussing this be considered a conspiracy?In todays environment...Hence illegal?
    2)Is there a verifiable "take it to a court of law" ( as Mortis would say) Issue to gather around???
    3)Would Alex jones be invited?
    4)Who would bring the beer?
    5)Is there a farmers field to rent in va to hold a few thousand tents?
    6a)How many porta johns ,
    6b)Water buffalos?,
    6c) cooking tents?: would that require and
    7)who pays for them ?
    8)Should we send our pictures and fingerprints and tax returnsfor the last 7 years to the alphabets ahead of time just to save them time and tax dollars?

    AND 9
    Is anybody going to get within10feet of this thread?

    Would Breaking it down it to bite size pieces be all it would take??
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    How do we start organizing it?
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    Feel out any support from handloaders bench and or the "High road". Gotta settle on an issue:
    consolidation of powers by the executive: ( the may executive order where the prez "coordinates" the other branches in a emergency to facilitate continuity of constitutional government.
    Pending gunlaw,

    pending nuke strike in Iran.

    Or just a we're here to remind the decider whose government this really is...
    mebbe schedule meetings with our individual representatives...

    call fox/ cnn/ michael savage
    get a speaker or two lined up like the nuge!Or Alexjones or Aaron russo..
    contact the capital police for permits..
    get a bunch of funny hats and signs made up..

    roadtrip out , show up , make a show, get maced, get arrested( im sure theyd findsomething)/photo'd ( immediately lose all firearms ownership rights) Even if its only a misdemeanor, you gotta be declared (mentally unstable) nuts to march in dc when cheney's got his citori under his desk...
    get arraigned, miss work, time in the county slammer? who knows???
    just discussion so far but I think you'd just do it.. mebbe there'd be 10 mebbe a hundred, ride to the wall gathers hundreds of thousands every year.( they don't get arrested for showing up)
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