Militant Christianity?

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by tulianr, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Chelly I never knew someone who could use so many words to say so little.

    To simplify;

    Islamic nations = Afghanistan, Iran, Syria

    Atheist nations = Soviet Union, China, Cambodia

    Christian nations = USA, Britain, Australia

    Unfortunately with the rise in Militant Atheism in the latter countries in the last few decades, they are now fast resembling the middle ones!
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    Framing the term "militant" in public discourse and debate...who gets to frame the term and what meaning is given to the term when applied to particular individuals; and particular political and religious organisations is a legitimate matter of enquiry, discussion and critique.
    The meaning is easy, and not admissive of change due to societal groupings or individual interpretations (at least not in the English speaking world) and it is nonsensical to discuss and critique the word itself. Case extant, it's an adjective and 1 is operative.

    From Militant | Define Militant at This is the shortest and cleanest definition I found. The rest are way long on verbiage, but say the same thing.

    vigorously active and aggressive, especially in support of a cause: militant reformers.
    engaged in warfare; fighting.
    a militant person.
    a person engaged in warfare or combat.

    One might shade the degree of the aggressive, but it doesn't seem to matter if one refers to Stalin or some weak minded mullah, you kill those that don't conform to the orders from above.
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    Will never believe that Rudolf was responsible for the Atlanta thing. It was totally out of his character. IMO, he was a overly deeply concerned anti abortionist who carried his desire to save the unborn too far. Why would he take innocent lives (Atlanta).
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    I'd like a dollar for every convicted murderer that committed crime(s) that were totally out of their character...I'd be a wealthy man. Rudolph pled guilty under a plea bargain arrangement. There evidently was sufficient probative evidence for Rudolph not to take his chances with an "innocent" plea (and face the death penalty if convicted). His guilty plea statement makes for interesting reading.
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    I agree, just pointing out it's not a crazy fanatical type mindset but one of a defensive nature.
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    Um, your forgetting many atheists, Minuteman already hit on them, Stalin, Mao etc.

    No one in their right mind would really try to paint idiots like the abortion clinic bomber, terrorists like osama and genocidal maniacs like Stalin with the same brush.
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    Using your strategy Stalin and Mao were implied since you mentioned militant atheists or are you saying the picture you posted is completely limited to the people pictured? if so it doesn't make much sense.
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    I would like to add, that after "interrogation" one would be likely to admit to anything. Given the propensity to tie up loose ends, I'd imagine the Feds got him to cop to that in an effort to save dept. embarrassment.

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    Gabe Saurez wrote a book, "Christian Warrior" that I’ve read and greatly approve of. LINK.

    You will always have the fringe when it comes to religion Christian or otherwise. Just because someone claims to be the voice or the fist of God in no way validates their claims. Enemies will acuse and vilify anyone they view a threat so you cannot trust them either. If some believe in so called pacifism and think everything can be settled with a “group hug” they are deceiving themselves as well. There is a time for peace and a time for war. I am not for war but will defend the innocent.

    If you want to see it from a Judeo/Christian Biblical perspective, go to the source. From Abraham, Joshua, Gideon, David and a host of others, ask yourself what did God call them to do and can you ascertain his character from what is said about him from his own words. If you don’t like what you see take it up with him. He isn’t about to change.

    All the pacifistic regurgitation is for the most part fear based. Afraid to offend God. Afraid to put their lives in danger. Afraid of hurting their conscience by having to do violence to save themselves or another innocent one. FEAR!!! God commanded the people of Israel “do not be afraid when you go into battle”. So is the God of the Christians a different God than that of the Jews? Not hardly. We do however have to have a conscience and understand that just because someone is an enemy doesn’t mean you need to kill or mistreat them. Just the opposite is true, you should pray for them and treat them with courtesy, unless they are trying to kill you. And just because a superior orders you to kill someone doesn’t mean you should follow that order if illegal or immoral. I could go on with a dozen endorsements of self-defense but I think that you get the idea.

    It took me a while to get here simply because I was taught wrongly and had to sort it out. Many people carry that false teaching to this day and hide behind it keeping away from the truth. Go to the source, our opinions mean nothing unless they agree with God. IMHO anyway
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    A Huffington Post video clip discussing the religious radicalisation of the US military. Everyone happy having a Christian Dominionist with a nuke launch key?

    HuffPost Live
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    I guess that the majority of us are Christians.... but are of different "Flavors" of Christianity... My big issue is when one "Flavor" determines that they have exclusive rights to interpreting what God's message is.... be they militant or non militant this is where the rubber meets the road for me.... I'm more of a you have the right to believe as you will and live your life accordingly... but the minute that you try to force your beliefs on me or mine we have an issue....

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    and Not just an "Issue", but a very BIG "Issue"......
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    I think you hit the nail on the head not just for religious issues but society in general. Granted society has morays and taboos, etc. but one of the biggest things in your face right now is the WHOLE Bill or Rights infringement issues. Privacy, freedom of speech, right to defend yourself, and the rest. I don't know of I'm conservative or radical, both or neither. All I do know is a whole lot of people are flaunting their $#*+ in my face and telling me I'm going to have to like it or else. It does seem that every aspect of our culture is under attack from inside and outside and spinning out of control towards the abyss. Some cheering it on, others crying out warning, but most willfully blind and ignorant.

    If on the other hand I want to live free before my God and according to Constitutional safeguards I'm branded a Rebelous, Biggoted, Racist, Hate Mongering, intolerant, you name it phobe, and a threat to society. Really! When have I or my ilk ever been a threat to society. I'll tell you when. When confronted with evil. When the government is up to no good. IRL I am actually pretty calm and laid back and wouldn't hurt anybody who isn't trying to hurt me or mine. I'm just getting tired of all the $#*+ coming down. You don't have to ask, that's how I really feel.
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    I take a simple approach to the Holy Bible and its teachings and guidance and feel same way about the Constitution ,I am appalled at a recent news report of a school district or some such restricting students from saying "The Easter Bunny" because it might make someone think of christanity. When I think of Easter I think of the rising of Christ and when I think of the easter bunny I think of chocolate eggs, It just remnds me that marxism wants the state to be the highest athority to look up to.
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    'Fight Churches' Let Pastors Duke It Out
    Hundreds of evangelical churches allow fighting: film
    Posted Apr 6, 2014 4:40 PM CDT

    "Can you love your neighbor as yourself and at the same time knee him in the face as hard as you can?" That question is posed in Fight Church, a new documentary about churches that promote mixed martial arts fighting among pastors, Huffington Post reports. The film's directors were surprised to find hundreds of churches that attract congregants and build community with fighting. "Beyond churches that had formal or informal fight ministries, we discovered innumerable churches that included MMA as a component of a men's program," said co-director Daniel Junge.

    While Jesus urged followers to "turn the other cheek," advocates of MMA church fighting say Jesus of Revelation provides a tougher image, and Biblical heroes like Samson and David showed their strength of the battlefield. "We don’t fight out of meanness," a pastor featured in the movie tells ABC News. "We have no hate or bitterness in our heart." Most "fight churches" are evangelical, white, and have struggled with attendance, the New York Times reports. The Catholic Church and Southern Baptist Convention have criticized the fighting, but mainstream churches have "feminized men," says a pastor in the trailer. Says another: "Tough guys need Jesus too."

    'Fight Churches' Let Pastors Duke It Out - Hundreds of evangelical churches allow fighting: film
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    Oh man...clerics in Lycra tights...its, libre, but with kicking and punching inside a cage.


    That's an MMA church title fight I'd like to see...there will be blood!
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    For 200+ yrs we have gotten along just fine but all of a sudden Christianity is evil and to be avoided by anyone/anything connected to the government. Since when did being a Christian become dirty/threatening/or demeaning to others? Church services used to be held in the White House for years, nearly all the signers the Constitution were devout Christians, and most of our presidents have gone to church regularly. Then we get the closet muzzie pushing his agenda harder than any we have ever had. Not judging the man but his actions betray a sinister plan and it is not to glorify our God or honor His people. Quite the contrary, he personally calls an athlete who announces his homosexuality but fails to call the family of a Medal of Honor recipients death/etc. What does he honor, what does he hold dear, who is he serving?
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    I don't think anyone in this thread has been attacking Christianity. That certainly hasn't been my intent. The thread began with a question - "Is Christianity, or at least a segment of Christianity, becoming more militant?" Articles like the "Fight Church" article, and articles on Pastors urging congregants to bring their guns to church (as below) seem to suggest to me that it is. Certainly, that would have raised eyebrows in the little Southern Baptist church that I attended as a child. Fighting was not something to be glorified. Self defense was okay if attacked, but my church would definitely have not endorsed an MMA program, nor would it have advocated a "Bring your gun to church" day. Half of the men in the church may have been carrying guns under their jackets, but they would have been "decently" hidden away.

    My original point was that I was seeing a move toward reshaping Christianity into a more militant faith, from a philosophical perspective. It isn't that Christians are behaving any more militantly; I think most of my friends and neighbors who are Christian are pretty much the same people as their parents were. What I am seeing is that rather than punching someone in the nose and going to church and praying for forgiveness for losing ones temper, some Christians today are using Christianity itself to explain and defend their decision to punch someone in the nose in the first place; if that allusion makes any sense.

    I'm asking "why?" And I'm asking, "Are we seeing a trend that will permanently reshape the image of Christianity?"
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