Militarization of law enforcement

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Mix that is Battlefield USA, what do you think is going to happen? Time to start talking to your Mayor. Get his priorities straight.
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    I'd read that. they are just laying the groundwork. Once we get used to seeing it on our soil. It is easy to move it into place when they are ready to make their move to herd us up into the FEMA concentration camps. Wish it wasn't true...but it is. They get my guns one bullet at a time.
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    You they use to make L.E.O jump through hoops to get stuff I have been with several Depts and helped with some of the paperwork. Our Sheriff Dept we dont get involved with them programs because first we don't like the restrictions they put on us , second we don't want them coming and saying we give you this and now you have to use it for what we want you to do with it.(dont get it from them dont owe them nothing for it) and third they want to dig into internal stuff that they have no business in. They Depts. dont understand once they start giving them stuff and they take soon they willl fall under goverment control and the day that happens in my Dept. I quit been fun but its over.
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    Sweet, now were do I get me some of that? Oh yeah, down at the local PD.

    Seriously though. a little bit of overkill with the BearCat. Great for getting into trouble. Not so go when you are trapped inside with a bunch of hostiles that have cut off your ingress and egress.

    Sitting inside waiting to be cooked?

    I think an officer would be better off in an unmarked than trying to pick a fight.
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    Hmm...Down here the Sheriff's operates off taxpayers money...
    I don't think he would want to ''crush'' his primary source of funding...
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    The deer huntershers would take it over to go after tehm 12 points
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    Ive notice alot of the Law Enforcment across the country using more military vehicles, military tactics and alot of the Academy instructors are ex-military, along with new toy's the military are using are being desinged for military/ law enforcement. Most of the time with vehicle and equipment the Feds don't give or sale they lease or loan. You can keep it for ever but something breaks out in you region you have to send officers and the equipment to that location. Thats what I dont understand if SHTF that close the last thing I want is to send my guy's there. What happen when it blows up here and my guy's are there.
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    You can scare the crap out of a good man, but his Heart for freedom will not leave.

    There alot of axx...holes who would like to drive dowm main street in a TANK but could they run over their Mother or get out of the tank on mainstreet?
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    Some of the new one's just out of the Academy I don't think they have mothers they act as if the were test tube baby's. Im sure if they did have a mother they would run her down to impress the Brass and show them they belong and can follow orders. AS far as ride a tank down main street that could be fun our main street is the crackhead zombie corner.(lol) I seen the other day one of the cop shows I refuse to watch but anyway they were using a armor personel carrier with a battering ram on the front to serve a search warrant. I can see that $h!t around here after the public forced all of us out of office the scrappers would cut up and steal the tank to sell
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    I envision sending out the Hooters Girls in form of a Tiananmen Square type of protest..
    They may not have mommys...But who would run down a Hooters Girl....!!!
    Our secret weapon B.T.W....
  12. beast

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    son in law,iraqi vet, told me tonight that most of the troops he knows
    say if it comes down to civil war in the us
    they will join the people :)
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    I've heard that as least these guys know how to operate the machines'...

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    I'm not so sure. Ten years ago, maybe even five years ago, I would agree. But you should see the rate at which decent people are fleeing the Marine Corps. There are so few left, and out of those, only a tiny sliver ever engage their brain housing groups. I am halfway through my 2-year exit plan. I should be PCSing to 1st Civ Div in the spring or summer of 2013. And that will be with 14 years of service under my belt.

    There is a strangeness that I can't really describe. I can't even explain it to myself, but it is there. It isn't only the junior ranks. Marines of all ranks (officer and enlisted) seem to have lost all ability to think, and virtually none give any thought to their oaths. I've been beating a drum for at least five years, and the only ones who ever seem to listen are the ones on their way out the door. The oath of enlistment (or office) is merely something that must be recited during a ceremony. It doesn't mean anything at all.

    I no longer have much confidence that members of the armed forces will be on the side of the people. When they don't give any thought to the fact that they swore to "support and defend the Constitution of the united States against all enemies, foreign and domestic", why would I?
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    One last tid-bit....
    Reckon how far these war machines will run when we wing in the valves down here...
    and we know how to shut-in production...Trust me...
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    Here's a shot at all you high school home town hero's . They indoctrinate people in school thru sport to give everything for the team. Cripple yourself for a football trophy. Then they take the win at any cost to their job. they cant think they just do what they are told. Its a game and they have to win their is no right and wrong.

    Jefferson would spin in his grave and most just look on and think this is right.

    There are some LEO's who dont think that way and their are more who are quietly looking to survive. They will take the stuff uncle left at the PD's and use it to their benefit.
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    One big problem these days is that PD and the Military get their officers from the ranks of the college grads. So, here is a pool of selectees already indoctrinated into the Collectivist/Socialist mentality. The rank & file troops are ever more inner city 'yutes' who will obey their orders against what they see as The Enemy their activist preachers and neighborhood organizers warned them against.

    As Pogo once said, "We has met the enemy and he is us!" The services and the LEO members are simply a product of their upbringing. The good ol' country boy who could shoot straight and lived straight, and wanted to HELP his community is a thing of the past.

    Look a the most popular video games -folks thought ours were violent thirty years ago....? Now it's "home schooling" for the New Military and LEO. The new inductee wants to use all those fun toys he's been simulating, and he doesn't care who he gets to use them on.....
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    I'm gonna tell you exactly what will happen; Police and Military will do exactly what they are ordered to do, period! Just like they did in Austria, France, Poland, and ultimately all over Europe during WW ll. It's the boiling frog thing in reverse for them as well. The militarization of mom and pop police forces that we have seen for the past three decades, the use of SWAT instead of knocking on the door, entertainment shows like COPS to acclimate us to being restrained....Saw it in New Orleans, Post Katrina, nobody here can tell me what didn't happen when I saw with my own eyes and lived in it every single day. The water kept getting hotter but none of us noticed; we were just trying to help.
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    I absolutely agree with you. A year or so before I retired (in 2002), I was Officer Of the Day on a particular Saturday, and one of my duties on that day was to make sure that a party of young Marines, who were doing penance for some minor infractions, had no fun over the weekend. They had policed the area, and cleaned the common areas; so I decided to get creative with them. I put them into a discussion group, and presented them with some "Law of Land Warfare" scenarios; asking them what they would do in particular situations, when faced with unlawful orders, and ethically questionable directives.

    Their answers left me with my mouth hanging open. I went through boot camp when the Mai Lai Massacre was still fresh in people's minds, and personal responsibility was pounded into each and every one of us. What I heard from these young PFCs, Lance Corporals, and even a Corporal, was: "I'll follow any order my Sergeant relays to me."

    They looked at me like I was spouting heresy when I informed them that they were responsible for unlawful orders that they carried out, and could be prosecuted for carrying out those orders. When I suggested that they had the obligation to refuse to carry out an order they deemed to be unlawful, and report it to the next higher level of command, they openly laughed. They were quite sure I was pulling their leg, and that I was perpetrating a massive practical joke on them. Some of the scenarios I presented them with was the intentional targeting of civilians and, to a man, they replied that they would carry out any order relayed to them.

    I'm sure that, in general, many young Soldiers and Marines would refuse to fire on American citizens, in the streets of America; but after that particular experience, I'm not sure that the majority would. If my experience with those young Marines was in any way representative of the majority of our Armed Forces, there is some serious re-training called for.
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