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  1. fedorthedog

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    I was on north bound I 5 in Washington about 40 miles south of Ft Lewis yesterday. There was a convoy of strikers on the road in the middle lane fouling up traffic. The funny thing all of the hatches were open and men were sitting or standing in the hatch ports facing 360.

    Tactically you should travel inthe middle lane as you have more room to respond but if you are just moving people and machinery the right lane is the proper place to be.

    The funny thing was my buddy was southbound from Fort Lewis and saw 4 additional convoys one with a sign stating anti terrorism training or drill on it.

    Anyone seeing anything like this in their area. I know that the annual planning for the military head shed includes terrorist attack and deployment in the USA. I just can remember the exercise name right now.
  2. Quigley_Sharps

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    There has been similar in NE Oregon.
  3. BTPost

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    Let us just HOPE that "We" are not the "Terrorists" they are training for.....
  4. BAT1

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    I have a feeling we are. [shtf]
  5. Tracy

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    Adjust your tin foil.

    Ft Lewis units are running trainings in Yakima.

    Just in case: The Air Cav Squadron is training, too. Don't fret.
  6. fedorthedog

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    I put on my tin foil hat when the gov started giving law enforcement m16 on a one per officer basis.
  7. franks71vw

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    Well in all fairness LEOs where out gunned at least now they can respond a little better to the "bad guys"... I am for them having them not pulling them out for a traffic stop asking for papers...
  8. mysterymet

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    As the wars in iraq and afghanistan wind down you are going to see more and more military training in the us. Not because of some vast government conspiracy but because they have to tain to keep their skills sharp. Our pilots will often go up and fly through the adorondacks on "missions" that are just keeping their skills sharp. They are not practicing to take out the locals in saranac lake...
  9. fedorthedog

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    I am all in favor of LE being well armed I have been one for 28 years. BUT I will be leaving my personal AR15 at home for an issued M16 and will still have my ISSUED from the military M14 and a issued Remington 870 along with my side arm and back up pistol.

    Most Officers carry carbines half of which are issued.The days of a revolver and a shotgun are long gone. We stopped being out gunned ten years ago with the exception of the politically correctly led departments, and that would be a management decision not a lack of available weapons.
  10. BTPost

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    LEO's were NEVER outgunned... That was a BIG load of BS, used to deplete the inventory of surplus M16s, so they could upgrade to the newer versions... You can count the cases of Automatic Weapons used in Criminal Attacks in the USA, in the last three decades on ONE Hand, and NONE of these were Registered NFA Weapons. You have been watching to much Hollywood.....

    There is NEVER a justification for civilian Police Forces to be equipped with Automatic Weapons, PERIOD. If those cops in LA, had been equipped with just ONE .308 Bolt Action Rifle, they could have dealt with the Bank Robbers with the Ak47's with ONE Shot each, in the head, and not thru the vests they were wearing. That in the end was how they got a few of them. They went to a local Gun Store and "Borrowed" a couple of Rifles, and Ammunition, in a TOTAL Violation of Federal Firearms Statutes. One Bad guy was hit with an Issue Shotgun, using slugs. More innocent people have been SHOT with Automatic Weapons, in the hands of civilian Police Forces, than LEOs have been shot with Automatic Weapons, used by Criminals..... What does that tell you?
  11. Hispeedal2

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    As a former Ft Lewis soldier, I made that trip to Yakima several times a year. There are two routes used. One North and one South- depending on the condition of the pass.

    Don't worry. With the number of SBCTs on Lewis now, Strykers rotating in and out of Yakima should be a normal site. The ride the outside lane and sit tall because there is a lot of liability in a Stryker running over something. The movement to and fro Yakima is not a tactical movement.
  12. Brokor

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    Yes, it's now known as "routine" to have our military training and moving on convoys. It is obviously not a conspiracy theory to conclude that the military is undertaking "routine" training within the guidelines set for their continued training while the United States wages war throughout the world.

    As for the police, I do not condone their militarization one bit. Frequently we see through vendors the term "LEO/MIL only", effectively keeping the general public in a third, subservient category. The police are supposed to be CIVILIAN police forces, and they are not to be confused with being military. Yet, today we see this happening all over in increasing steps. We also see joint police/military operations, including other emergency personnel who practice readiness response to "terrorist" attacks. Look up Operation Urban Warrior for more details.

    YouTube - Alex Jones Movie (2003) - Police State 3 - Total Enslavement - Full version
    YouTube - Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA Full Length

    The more we empathize with the police state and the "routine" nature of our military, the more we will continue to follow the path toward tyranny and despotism. What I am asking others to do is to simply view what occurs rationally and with clear focus on the real situation, rather than placate the issues and remain indifferent to the incremental march to dictatorial rule and the loss of our liberty.

    If the people lead, the government will eventually follow.
  13. franks71vw

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    Not contradicting on the full auto issue just stating that when thugs with AK's and 30 round mags going against an officer with a 9mm pistol thats what I mean... our locals dont get M16's issued by the department many pay for there own semi auto ar15 thats what i mean I doint know about other departments...
  14. Brokor

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    Maybe if the government stopped placing illegal and unconstitutional restrictions on the public, the people could defend themselves, and there would be little need to ever pretend to justify outfitting our police with machine guns and body armor just so they can write us speeding tickets and ensemble en-mass to disrupt peaceful protests.

    The more time we spend on promoting liberty and less on fueling the police state, the better we will be. I do not classify our police as heroes, they are revenue collectors for their corporations and they practice illegal measures to turn law abiding citizens into criminals.
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