Military exercises over us cities.

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    I find it interesting that the us is conducting training exercises in US cities.
    Recently in Minnesota.

    sure they get to practice tactics. but totally unrealistic.
    No one is shooting at them in the Helicopters, nor when they strut down the street.

    Let them come to Detroit.

    There has to be at least 10k worth of scrap metal in a chopper and heaven only knows what a stripped HMMV is worth but it's gotta be good for a fanny pack full of dime bags!
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    They are doing it every where and living in a rural area in WV I am seeing alot more Military activities. Which to put every body at rest they are only doing it to prepare for natural disaters[patr] I still don't understand the tactical training for floods but they wouldn't lieo_O they are the goverment and always tell the truth. LOL
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