Military Expands 51% on Direct Energy Weapons

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    As I wrap myself in mylar, use 400 lbs pull magnets duct taped to copper tubing and study software defined radio, I still find time to research the hell I live. Oh yeah, I do practice picking off homemade targets with my Stag Arms 556 and unleash my fury with my KSG, so I am a target, but I am no punk.
    I'm so fucking thrilled how my wife and I have contributed our lives of being tortured for the betterment of our "no touch torture ". " active denial" weapons our government feels needs more budget.

    Military increased budget by 51% on DEWs, coming your way soon.

    Congress gets serious about laser weapons in defense bill
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    Didn't need that stingray drone anyway.
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    We better do the same thing.

    I found an entire roll of copper or brass screen at the scrap yard. Must have cost hundreds of dollars new.
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