military-grade secure smartphones for civvies

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by CATO, Nov 25, 2012.

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    It very much depends on the Encrption Technology imbedded in the phone. My iPad has an encryption app that is based on The GPG technology from Phil Zimmerman. I can send email and Text that is encrypted using that app, as well as converse using an encrypted Skype like Voice App... None of these can be cracked in REAL Time, as of yet. If they are using an 256 bit Paired Key Encrypted VPN Tunnel as they say, you can be sure that it is SECURE for Now... 2 years from now... May be a different story...
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    Having and legally operating are two different points....
    You can buy a STU-IIa (will only set you back about $2,500). The crypto key is another story. But you can generate your own keys, it isn't even hard to do.
    NSA generated keys are not as secure as the government would have you think. Our government is ripe with "opportunist" and "congressional members on private payroll". Anyone who has served in the US Military in a position of Crypto Authority knows that US Top Secret Keys provided by the NSA have a secure life span o measured in "minutes".
    Case in Point - The Caribbean Drug Task Force (with the Network Control center in Key West NAS, Florida). They use Top Secret NSA Supplied Crypto, they also realize that the Drug Cartel usually get the key within minutes of first secure transmission. How does the drug cartel get they crypto keys - use your brain! Too many irons in the fire - everyone knows the Drug Cartel have unlimited funds, and everyone knows there are always so bozo (be it congressional or NSA traitor - either one is the same in my book) is always looking to fatten their personal income. Do the math.
    Still, you only need to use an NSA approved public encryption technology (that way they can always sell the keys to whomever wants to listen to your conversations). This is a policy that those "for Hire Congressmen and women" made sure was introduced into the "National Security Scam" (I mean "Act").
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    I would just like to add...the drug cartels ARE the CIA for the most part. [nutkick]
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    I say, transmit in the clear but encode the message with a One Time Pad.
    I believe there is an App for that. ;)
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