Military Industrial Complex (Corporate Oligarchy)

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    I often times post about the corporate oligarchy which undoubtedly exists in this nation and the world-over. The transition made from a Constitutional republic to this modern "Democracy", has often times been disguised as a traditional and normal, freedom inspired society. It's been a long road to get where we are now, and the most significant fragment of this journey happened just 82 years ago. When much of the world was enthralled with the violent changes inside Nazi Germany, and a great deal of people were struggling to keep their families fed, another dictatorship was being created right under our noses. It has taken until now for the cards to be laid out, for this is the result of information sharing in this technological era; the greatest threat to the corporate oligarchy which controls our country is an informed citizenry. In light of this fact, I submit the preceding video and hope you take the time to view it and ponder the reality we all must face.

    It is time to forever place aside our illusions which may comfort us and accept the reality which lay before all humanity.
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