Military Jargon Conversion Chart....

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    Head / Latrine / Powder Room
    Rack / Bunk / Single with ruffle and duvet
    Mess Deck or Chow Hall / Mess Hall or Mess Tent /Dining Facility or 'The Cafe'
    'Cookie', stew burner / Mess Cook / Contract Chef
    Coffee or Mud / Cup of Joe / Vanilla Skim Latte'
    Bug Juice / Kool-Aid / Shirley Temple
    Utilities or Digitals / BDUs / ACUs /Casual Wear
    Seaman or Private / Private / Bobby or Jimmy
    Chief or Gunny / Sergeant / Bob or Jim
    Captain or Skipper / Colonel / Robert or James
    Captain's Mast / Article 15 /Time Out
    Berthing or Barracks /Barracks / Apartment
    Skivvies or U-Trau /Underwear / Undies
    Thrown in the Brig /Put in Confinement /Grounded
    Zoom Bag / Flight Suit / Business Casual
    Cover or Head Gear / Beret / Optional
    Ship's Store or NEX / PX (PX Trailer) / AAFES Shopping Mall
    TAD / TDY /PCS with family
    Cruise or Afloat / Deploy / Huh?
    Ground Grabbers / Athletic Shoes /Flip-Flops
    Die for your Country / Die for your Battle Buddy /Die for Air Conditioning
    Shipmate or Marine / Battle Buddy /Don't Ask, Don't Tell or Honey
    Terminate or Kill / Take Out / Back on Base for Happy Hour
    Boon Dockers / Jump Boots / Birkenstocks
    Low Quarters / Low Quarters / Patent Leather Pumps
    SEAL / SF/Ranger / Librarian
    Shore Patrol or MPs / MPs / SF
    Oouh-Rah! /Hoo-ah! /Hip-Hip hurray!
    MRE / MRE / Happy Meal To Go
    Salute / Salute / Wave
    Obstacle Course / Confidence Course / Class 6 Parking Lot
    Grinder or Drill Field / Parade Field / What?
    Ge-Dunk / Snack Bar / Chuck E. Cheese
    PT Test / APFT / 'No conversion available'
    Dept. of the Navy / DoD / DoD Lite
    Midshipman /Cadet / Debutant
    Hard-Core / Strak / 'Way Too Serious'
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  3. Abby Normal

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    And two of my personal favorites:

    FUBAR - Situation Normal, All F***ed Up!
    BOHICA - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!

  4. Tango3

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    Its not quite that extreme,lately field and combat training have become a big part of air force basic.
    [tng2]its an all volunteer force. If the army puts 6 guys into a room the Air Force would put two, That may enter into your decision as to who's papers to sign.[raspberry][raspberry]b::
    "Oh I want to be a chairborne ranger,
    I want to work from 9to5
    I want to work in the air-conditioning...
    I want to keep my ass alive,"b::
  5. ghrit

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    FUBB (*** up beyond belief.)
    And of course, the old standby "SNAFU"

    need no branch of service translation.
  6. ColtCarbine

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    Always thought FUBAR translated to:

    ****ed up beyond all recognition [booze]
  7. monkeyman

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    Yup got FUBAR=F'ed up beyond all recognition and then got SNAFU=situation normal, all F'ed up.

    I like the PPPPPPPP rule. Proper Prior Planning and Prepairation Prevents Piss Poor Preformance.
  8. Tango3

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    two cold warrior favorites: Painted on the walls in our nuclear weapons maintenance bay "To err is human;to forgive is not SAC policy"!
    and(not written down anywhere)" a suck for SAC; is a blow for freedom"!
    "Why not Minot? Freezin's the reason"
    "Ammo!" if you aint AMMO YOU AIN'T SH*t!"( In the airman's club on an active base will either get you beer and new friends or a fight with the security police. our profession.
  9. TailorMadeHell

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    Ship's Store or NEX / PX (PX Trailer) = Always seems to be closed when you need it.
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