military preparing for mass unrest for years

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Tango3

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    militaryhas been preparing for mass unrest for years

    the foundation and horrors of "gardenplot " written in the 90's it makes even more sense today.
    it is a very long, well documented smaller font read,but skim it for bits that interest you.Seems the legal aspects and need for posse comitatus was debated in the war colleges of the 90's.
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    Very good link, but much of this is well documented by *gasp* Alex Jones, the "conspiracy fanatic" who has yet to be disproved. ;) I only skimmed the article, as it is a rather lengthy read, and I have not found info on foreign troops being trained on US soil for urban assault. This lies at the heart, because we currently train tens of thousands of foreign troops at any given moment. I highly doubt (at this stage) that the US Army and Marines would be utilized for the means outlined, but in time I see this is a distinct possibility. Link to Operation Urban Warrior:
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    Taking everything we've got along with some other nation's help to keep a lid on things in little bigger than Texas with 26 million people. How the heck does anyone think our military even with quite a bit of foreign help could do much with this country, especially when you factor in they would have to turn on their own countrymen ?

    I just don't see it happening on a large scale.
  4. Tango3

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    whether it is possible to SUCCEED is an entirely different question than would they try it!

    Consider it like a major corporate endeavor, they figure#'s on paper get the "factory"( system or infrastructure) built the ceo says full steam ahead! The folks on the ground say "but... " this "whatever" is a problem" and the boys at the top come back with
    "So fix it"... In the article it describes instances of officers at staff war colleges considering the issue you described. If All this is done legally and so far it has been (defacto )legal because few in the other branches of gov have challenged all this extra constitutional stuff. Like Ashcroft; neo-cons think taking your freedoms and putting them in their locked bread box for safekeeping is the same as actually living free.

    My concern is they've been preparing for "nation wide " civil disturbances" awhile now (more so within the last ten years); So what's the big secret thats gonna set the country aflame???( tinfoil time: aliens want to feed on your children? The u.n. is taking your guns wednesday.???? 9/11 was completely staged by theneocons??? nau? introduction of the first dictatorship in us history????)
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    Yup. And remember, we have more than 600 prison camps in the USA. Train tracks to each and every one of them. All major highways set to be tolled, most are in major cities.

    Control information (radio, TV, media, newspapers)...check.
    Control travel, to include airports, borders, roadways, buses, trains...check.
    Control emergency relief and agencies...check.
    Control over all state run militia...check.
    Control of foreign troops on US soil...check.

    You see, the proposed plan doesn't incorporate the WHOLE USA in one felled swoop. Small areas are easier to manage. With communication and travel restricted and even abolished, then it becomes far easier to route the dissenters out and continue utilizing assets. Children turning in their own parents. Military making sweeping runs, propaganda and misleading info purposefully left in public hands, mock "terror attacks" to simulate an enemy, and local law enforcement sent out to clean up and corral the survivors into "safety zones", A.K.A. "happy, healthy, comfy retreat areas" A.K.A. Prison camps. It matters NOT who believes WHAT...good cop, bad cop -doesn't apply. In an emergency scenario, people do as they are told, and most buy into the lie. Greatest example: Hurricane Katrina. Enough said.

    Over time, as the cleanup crews go through and corral MOST of the citizenry, smaller urban assault forces may patrol and finish the job thoroughly.

    Ever seen the results of a bomb scare? How about a nuclear situation, or even just a dirty bomb? What about natural disasters, we have seen some of those? Avian flu, anyone? I am sure that the MEDIA wouldn't hype up a false story, would they? And let's not forget the classic anthrax in the envelope routine. There are almost LIMITLESS possibilities, folks. The more you are SCARED...the less sensible you will become.
  6. Tango3

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    goin down to dunhams sports after snowblowin the mother in laws drivewayto look over a cheap wasr, figure I can buy a folding buttstock later for
    $80 orso...
  7. Brokor

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    K. But....uh....I wouldn't try it while intoxicated. Mmmkay? [boozingbuddies]
  8. Tango3

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    I got pretty worked up about buying an ak especially after I found a local sale flyer( a wasr10 hi-cap $320), but moving into a new caliber/weapon system changes my whole thought process. I caught myself jumping back into the "backpack survival"mode which I've already determined is a no-win for me. [coffee2]
    If you're referringto the walmart "greeter-wear"line of clothing..Thas for work only...[beer][lolol]
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    Yeah, sorry I didn't clarify, Tango. Your post before looked like one of mine after I had 3 too many Heffeweisen's. :)

    Man. $320, and that's new? Nice buy if it is. Everybody has their own plan. My AK suits mine, but wouldn't suit everybody's. I like having the option to use it for defense as well as hunting big game. Plus, I can easily fabricate a nifty silencer for picking off urban cockroaches if needed. But honestly, just about any rifle will do in a pinch.

    I just wish I could buy some weps while I am over here in Europe, but I can't. No way to ship them back. Legally. At least, I haven't found a way yet...
  10. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    (3Heffe's) Justbecause I type one handed and cant spell real gud....:)
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