Militia Radio Frequencies- No Big Secret

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    This article was sent to me by a former SM member. It seems Baofeng is the choice of the militia for communications. Zooming in on pictures, people can see what channel frequency they are using.

    Militia Radio Frequencies
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    Main Page - ScanBC Online Scanners
    Feel free to monitor our array of online scanners. These scanners are hosted by members of ScanBC and may be offline from time to time. If you have a scanner you would like to host onlineplease email us.

    E-Comm Vancouver Vancouver Fire & Rescue, Richmond Fire-Rescue, North Van City & District Fire Departments
    • E-Comm Surrey Coquitlam, Delta, New West, Surrey & White Rock Fire Departments
    • Skytrain Scanner Skytrain / Canada Line Rapid Transit Systems in the Lower mainland
    • Port Alberni Scanning Port Alberni area emergency services & Marine VHF CH 04A, 16 and 83A.
    • Kelowna Fire Scanner Kelowna & Area - Kelowna Fire Rescue (Left CH) / BC Forest Service (Right CH) **NEW** - RCMP not monitorable
    • North Okanagan Scanner North Okanagan Fire departments, BCAS & SAR, City bylaw, Community Patrol RCMP not monitorable
    • Nelson Area Scanner BCAS Nelson, RCMP F, Regional Fire Depts, SAR, BCFS, MOT, Nelson City Public Works, Hydro
    • Kamloops Scanner BCAS, Fire and Roads services in the area RCMP not monitorable
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    "Some radio users in the militia patriot community want to keep their frequencies a big secret. But more knowledgeable radio techs don’t see the need for it, since all VHF-UHF FM transmissions can easily be received with a common scanner or Ham radio"
    Militia Radio Frequencies

    As today's RDF gear is excellent; they need to be more careful communicating.
  4. BTPost

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    Interesting Read... But the author just doesn't have the First Clue, about the Comms/Monitoring capabilities, of the FBIs Comm Vans sited at the Oregon Airport... As well as the interAgency sharing of Comms Intelligence, from other Letters Agencies, coming into those Comm Vans over that Mobile SAT Link... Suffice it to say, the FEDs knew exactly what was going on, out at the Refuge, by just listening to these Folks, jabber away on the Radios.... They REALLY needed MonkeyNet Technology...
  5. Tikka

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    I understand encryption; however, that prevents understanding; not detection. I've been told burst is too fast to get a location.
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  6. BTPost

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    Nope, not to those FED Comm Vans... They can, and do, Track Bursts, and can DF a burst Tx if they see just three... Today's technology is 100 Fold better,than when I was a FED, and we tracked Burst Comms, routinely...
  7. hitchcock4

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    Funny quote from the article, referring to the wish list on the 2nd day of the standoff.
    "the second day of the armed standoff tends to indicate that these particular militants were neither preppers nor survivalists. They forgot to bring sleeping bags and food; but they remembered to bring ammo and Baofengs."
    Too funny.
  8. whynot

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    Even funnier than the quote is the amount of dildos they received in the mail. I just about spewed coffee everywhere when I read that one morning at work.
    As one of the guys at work opined, "It's not like ranchers have anything else to do this time of year."

  9. Bandit99

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    "I understand encryption; however, that prevents understanding; not detection. I've been told burst is too fast to get a location."
    Not true. That was the old days... Now, the burst will keep me guessing on what frequency you will hop to next but that is about it and even that is so fast now (they have units that frequency hop super fast) that might not be a problem anymore. I don't need to hear your conversation or even receive clean data just need to locate a broadcast so you MIGHT be able to keep from being detected if you use very low power (and line of sight) because most that type of work is done with satellites. But, having said that, anyone every hear of the Elephant Cages? A few are still around. The one in Augsburg, Germany was deactivated but not dismantled (hmmmm...?) and those damn things will hear and track damn near every freq...not microwave Ghz of course but all the single band stuff. Look it up. Also, don't fool yourself, this is exactly the type of stuff Alice Springs does...and they have been doing it a long time since the Soviets. I never went there but maybe I should have. Its amazing. The other thing I am always very leery of is encryption. Now, my degree is in Computer Science, it's rather old, early 90's but I still hum a damn fine tune. I do not know this for a fact but I would bet, and give odds, that with today super-computers, even 256-bit is breakable and quite quickly. That facility being built in Utah is going to be magically - no cost being spared - and my guess is only a shifting, random encryption will even slow it down. Anything electronic can and will be broken if they want, it's that simple. Any simply citizen that thinks otherwise is a fool. Think of it this way, during WW2 the best and brightest were gathered to break Enigma which was another 'country's' most secret encryption (note: not some individual programmer open source stuff or etc.). They knew everything the Germans were doing in a World War. Do you really think they didn't learn that lesson? That is my 2 cents... - Rick
  10. BTPost

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    Our MonkeyNet technology when used with a Phrase PAD, is completely Secure, and no amount of Processing, can break it's encryption... Without access to the original Phrase PAD... That is why we choose it for MonkeyNet... Keep the PAD Secure, and the Messages Encrpted with that PAD WILL ALWAYS be Secure... Rotate the PADs regularly, will add another layer of Security, to the System...
  11. Bandit99

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    I haven't read about it yet but I will check it out. I assume there is something written up on it here in the communications section? Communications is something I need to look at more, not sure why I have ignored it...strange because it is how I made my living.

    EDIT: I have read the white paper and it looks real good, already learn a lot I didn't know like about the Open Source GPG keying. I had to look it up and was really impressed with it, especially if I read it correct that it uses a 1024 bit encryption - Wow! I want to talk more about this as find it interesting and a good learning experience but think I will move my discussion over to White Paper section.
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  12. Tikka

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    I'm familiar with burst to satellites which has a small localized foot print and harder to locate than conventional burst. However, if I know about it; I'd bet they are using something else. :)

    I think more of not being found than a secure message. Once an enemy knows you're there; they come and find you.
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  13. BTPost

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    Also, Remember that Burst SAT Comms, are being watched, Worldwide, by our Friends at the NSA... and you thought that all those Inferred DSP SATs that detect Missle Launches, Worldwide, just did one thing.... Better reThink that one, AGAIN...
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  14. Minuteman

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    Back in the day. Wonder where that phrase originated? Anyway, when I was involved in the movement, before the internet days, we had very basic comms. I know technology has grown by leaps and bounds since but I still like the KISS principle. I was involved in a lot of discussions on the issue and what we could use. The premise was that NO mode would be safe from govt ease dropping. And it had to be simple enough that anyone could have access. It had to be something that the govt couldn't shut down at will. The only two viable options to meet that criteria were (still is?) CB's and shortwave. All Militia units monitor channel 9 on CB. Of course it isn't secure but your fooling yourself if you think any over the air comms are. We had codes for different scenarios and ways to covertly meet without announcing where and when. There are boosters, illegal of course, that can boost a CB base unit to nearly nationwide range. Depending on weather conditions, location etc. I have sat at a base in Kentucky and talked by CB to a guy in Nevada. Every individual carried 40 channel portables and we all had units in our vehicles and base units at our houses. At most command posts, retreats etc, we ran com wire and used field phones.
    We were even working to establish a network around the country for SHTF scenarios where anyone could make contact with a unit or a prepper group. At one time, late 90's, before the purge, we had an extensive coverage area.

    I don't know what comms are being used today but I still have all my old CB gear.
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  16. BTPost

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    @Minuteman Have you read the MonkeyNet White Paper? I wish you would give it a quick Read, and see if it has relevance to your situation... Then get back to me...
  17. Minuteman

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    I have it downloaded but haven't got around to reading it. I will and get back to you.
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