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    I’d like to join an organization like the Ohio militia. At the moment I have a support group of me and three other guys and only one of them is collecting supplies and interested in training regularly. So I would like to join an organization like a militia to get a wider support group.
    I’m just afraid that these groups might be a little more extreme than they seem to be on the surface. I’m not looking to overthrow anyone just to be prepared if the SHTF. If our Gove actually goes nuts then I’m in but till then I just want to be prepared. Also I will likely be looking for a job in the public sector after college and they might frown on me being in a militia.
    So are my fears well founded or are these just a bunch of survival nuts like me.
  2. RouteClearance

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    First off, I do not want to become judgmental over your desire of looking for a large support structure to become a part of, but you are taking a great risk by doing such a thing.

    It would be very difficult if not next to impossible to be able to find such a group that you can trust 100% and who would just pull you right off the street and trust you 100%, and who knows how deep TPTB have infiltrated such groups since Tim McVeigh and even more so with Patriot Acts I & II and FISA and the GWOT.

    By doing such, I belive you are inadverntly looking for more trouble than you can imagine. You have stated that you all ready have a support group of three others and only you and one of them are actually doing anything concerns me. If TSHTF/TEOTWAWKI happens, then the other two knows who they can get a free ride from.

    One other forum member (Dragonfly) if I am not mistaken has had problems with a group he was a part of recently, and had to completely sever anything to do with that group. His losses were minimal, but could have been a lot worse.

    I know exactly how you feel, for I am in such a similar boat as you, but I have spent the last 18 months prepping, planning, prepping, planning like there was no tomorow,and if or when SHTF with our economy, I will have to be able to rely on myself. My only concern would be any major medical issue that I cannot fix with an advanced level firstaid kit. This is the only advice I could come up with, mayby you need to just consentrate on the other guy that is doing something and start from there.
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    Have to definitely agree with RC. Have you ever tried to come to an agreement with a group of people, even if they are family, good luck. Stick to the smallest group of people that you can trust. Also, do not tell anyone that is not also prepping what you are doing. Most people (sheeple) are to lazy to prep or just think nothing will ever happen. They will come to you when SHTF and then you will have to deal with them???
  4. dragonfly

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    Avoid certain groups as if they have the PLAGUE!
    I took my people and ran, not walked away!
    I was lucky, I only had a few weirdo's threaten me personally....
    But I got the best of it!
    I have the nurse with 35 years of ER and TRIAGE background!
    (neeener neeener neeener!)
    Be careful, watch, listen, and wait!
    Some groups are not so bad, and a lot are not even really survivalists, but a bunch of guys that like to go out shooting, targets and do some hunting!
    But they are few and far between today!
    Go with your GUT instincts!
    If they don't feel quite right, leave!
    Just be careful....Not all groups are bad, and not all people are what they appear to be either!
    I learned the HARD way!
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    Well I wanted to have a larger group of people with different skill sets and equipment. I don’t think I’ll risk actually joining any group at the moment. I’m just going to work on consolidating my supplies.

    The other guy who is stocking up is a SSG in the reserves and served two tours in Iraq. So I’m probably going to listen to him if the SHTF. I have a lot of knowledge of survival in northern woodland, I can make just about anything with the right tools, I know advanced first aid, and I can shoot with the best of them.

    The other two guys are my current roommates at my apartment. I have t live close to my university for at least another year. Then I’m going back to the boon docks.

    They don’t know a damn thing about hunting, fishing or whipping their own A#$ but they have guns. (But no ammo oddly) They found out that I was prepping incase thee SHTF and were interested for about a day. I’m sure if something actually happens they will want to tag along. Even though I’ve told them that I and Chris (the other guy) will gladly eat them if we run out of food. (A lie….Probably.)

    I see them as having 3 uses.
    <!--[if !supportLists]--> ·<!--[endif]-->Pack mule for extra supplies
    <!--[if !supportLists]--> ·<!--[endif]-->Meat shield
    <!--[if !supportLists]--> ·<!--[endif]-->detecting land mines/booby traps the hard way
    <!--[if !supportLists]--> ·<!--[endif]-->And possibly food

    OK so 4 uses.
  6. RightHand

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    Why in God's good name would you even consider aligning yourself with people who would be nothing but a drain on your resources? I'm sorry if I seem harsh but you sound like someone who is enjoying the fantasy of a survival situation. In my day, young people dreamed of joining the French Foreign Legion which was about as realistic as what you are talking about.
  7. Clyde

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    Righthand has a subtle way with words.

    1. you don't want militia mindsets
    2. you do want people you can truly count upon
    3. Discuss the people you are considering with you closest friend. If your closest friend is not one of the people you are considering, then you don't know these guys well enough.
    4. Family. What does you family think of what is coming down the pipe? If they agree, I would start with family first, then broaden the horizons after you get you and yours on the prepping schedule.
  8. Clyde

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    Also, the preppers I admire the most are the ones you would never know are prepped. they live quiet lives well out of reach of the major populace. They can can food, raise a few animals, and have developed skills over time. Think AMISH people.
  9. Sharpie44

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    Well the only reason they knew was because they live with me. It's kinda hard to miss my Alice bag and 500 rounds of 7.62x54. I DON'T want the Militia mindset. I don't actually think the Government is out to get me so much. I'm more concerned about natural disasters and economic meltdown. I just want to have a group I can learn from basically.

  10. Sharpie44

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    Money restraints force me to live with roommates and it's hard to hide stuff from them. There also wannabe gun nuts. The kind that strap 20 pounds of junk onto an AK and think it's the best gun ever because of it. So It's not like I want them around it's more like i don't have a choice. I have no survival fantasy. I would much rather stay inside with a book and a pack of Guinness. I just want to be prepared in the unlikely event anything dues happen.

  11. RightHand

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    I must apologize for the harshness of my reply - I may have read more into your posting that you intended. The talk about joining a militia group that might be fairly militant, your mention of 2 "partners in crime" without any interest or experience who liked guns but had no ammo - it all just sounded a bit odd to me.

    Like you, my interest is always in being prepared to take care of myself and my family during whatever kind of emergency may arise. We will all be well served by that attitude and pursuit.
  12. Tracy

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    I would second the family group. Then lifelong friends. You should know that those you depend on are there for you. Choose your friends/group wisely. Guilt by association isn't a good thing.

    If you want to learn, say, how to can; check your local community college listings for summer term. Oftentimes, they have small evening classes. Those that can (their own food), grow. Those that grow, know. People that are in this class are learning survivability skills. What else do they know?

    Mormons are another group that knows how to take care of themselves and their brethren.

    Check out your local Farmer's Market. Ask the old-timers where you could learn some of the skills that they have. You may be surprised how much you can learn -- for the price of a cup of coffee -- from an old farmer itchin' to share his knowledge.
  13. dragonfly

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    There are also quite a few "homesteader" groups you can look into!
    Not unlike the Amish!
    Pretty darned self sufficient people, and know a lot about doing without!
    And even more how-to's than I could ever manage to read!
    Check out: Mother Earth News, and Backwoods Home magazine, and they have internet sites, and a lot of info orn others in areas all over the country!
  14. SLugomist

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    Want to learn how to build stuff. Volunteer with Habitat for humanity.
  15. E.L.

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    I would stay away from any group that attract attention. Find people with different skill sets and learn from them, you don't always have to tell them why you are gathering the different skill sets. That makes you a lot more valuable to a group or your family when the time comes. Concentrate on the basics, and surround yourself with family and friends who are like minded. The cases of ammo, canned goods, and skills you learned might never have to be utilized in a desperate situation, but maybe it's those skills and items that you pass on your children and grandchildren that may save their lives, or be the seeds of the next revolution. Put yourself in the best position possible by surrounding yourself with like-minded and successful people, and do it is small groups that do not announce themselves and become targets.
  16. QuietOne

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    An unreliable member of a group will get everyone killed faster than anything else. If your two roommates aren't willing to learn be prepared to ditch them fast when TSHTF.
  17. Tango3

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    guns/no ammo????somebodies not even trying...
  18. Cephus

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    Wouldn't that be a CLUB by definition , not sure that's the way it's suppose to work.[fnny]
  19. Tango3

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    Sounds like the polish chainsaw(?)
    Stosh buys a chainsaw takes it home to clear some downedbranches,
    brings it back for service the next day:
    " this thing won't cut crap, my shoulders are sore as hell".
    "the mechanic yanks the starter rope briskly :" briiiinnngggggg ding ding"itstarts rightup.
    Stosh looks bewildered:" What the hell was that??"lol.
    I maybe alittle opsec concious but how many "friends" did each of them let on you're prepped? They tell a girlfriend ortwo who "won't tell anybody else" and then work the math....
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