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    My darling wife drew me a hot soakey bath tonight when I came in from a little dive project. She had candles burning and my favorite Bulgari Green Tea bath gel, boiling water at the sink and my ivory razor laid out and i remember thinking "how lucky can a man be?" it reminded me of time when money was tight and our greatest pleasure were those simple things we could do for each other like a hot bath. I remember back many years ago, we had literally spent our last dollar on a salvage project and times had been very lean for months. We finally succeeded in raising the vessel and the client handed over a check. After all the bills were paid, there some left over for us so I asked my wife, if there was anything she had been wanting? She never complained, never let me feel like I wasn't meeting all her needs and I just wanted to give her some little something back; maybe a little extravagance, just something to thank her for making life such a pleasure.
    She had mentioned that she had heard about bathing in pure milk would reduce age spots and make her skin smoother and she had wanted to try that some time. Well, well, well...this was something I could do!
    I went down to Hershal's grocery and told him that I wanted to buy enough milk so that my darling wife could take her one of them milk bass, like those rich women do.
    He didn't look a bit surprised or envious, just asked me in that dead-pan manner of his" Want it pasteurized"?
    But I told him "no; just enough to get it to her boobs, she can splash it the rest of the way."
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