Million Minuteman March (Clyde)

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Blackjack, Feb 22, 2007.

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    Making this into it's own thread as I think it has certain possibilities. Clyde you mentioned it in an earlier post (I'm just assuming that it was your idea). Given the recent Zumbo ordeal and the overwhelming response from gun owners, it's logical to assume we could accomplish the same with the government if we approach it the right way.

    One of the (stated) obvious problems with an undertaking like this is that most gun owners that feel strongly about their 2nd amendment rights have jobs and can't just pack up and go to DC for a couple days. And email campaigns go fairly unnoticed, I believe.

    So what if we organized a MMMMarch at the local level. On the same day, all gun rights advocates would march on their own town halls in every town across the country. Something of that magnitude would have to be picked up by the press, wouldn't it?

    I might not be able to go to Washington, but I can sure as heck make a day of it at my town hall.

    Please share any thoughts on this. Could it work, or would it be doomed. To make it work, what would we need to do/accomplish. What organizations would we need to bring on board (GOA,NRA,Nuge)?
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    I say we all carry muskets
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    Been thinking about this in light of the zumbo "fracas"...Have we reached a tipping point where all it would take is a small group
    (like this one) to set a date for a march "to the hill" (broadcast across the various gun boards ( before they clamp down on the net)

    1)pick a signifcant date (any).

    2)pick a starting "rally" point,

    3) Arrange various permits fromthe capital police.

    3)Arrange porta pottis and water
    4), a flatbed trailer for a "stage"for "statements"
    with a generator and PA...
    5)a 2 or three page list of grievances and "we won't take it anymore rhetoric"...
    6)a bunch of signs with copies of the constitution on them.( hand out tricorner hats..)
    7) Perhaps an apointment with a Ron the end??

    Apersonality like "the nuge" would assure a massive turn out; but a website would be a great way to spread theword..( like Russos "lonelantern; ""?)).There are enough people with contact on al the various gun boardsthe word would spread quickly
    Or would we be fooling ourselves??
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    I think teddy roosevelt had it right it is better to dare great things and fail than to to take rank with the poor timid souls who know neither victory or defeat . not sure if this is a direct qoute but it does sum it up well .
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