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  1. Jeep79

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    I just thought it was odd that no one mentioned the mini-14? Reliable, low cost and its as accurate or better than an AK? Am I missing something?
  2. E.L.

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    Priced a mini-14 lately? I do not have anything against the mini-14, but it's biggest knock to me was the price of the magazines. The accuracy was not as good as my AR's, it was very reliable, but the price of mags was exceptionally high.
  3. Jeep79

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    True but is that not also true of the AR? I currently havan M-4 and although i like it better than the M-16 it still requires a LOT of tlc to retain any reliability, I hear most AR's are worth the money but fom experiance with the M-16/M-4 its not reliable in the field or at least in the context of the discussion. But like i said I don't know anything about AR's other than the price.
  4. RouteClearance

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    Every time time I pulled the trigger on my M4 while deployed, it worked, including after getting a sand bath from a few low flying Blackhawks.

    No one in my entire unit had a single reported stoppage or jam while deployed. Everyone was required to keep their weapons clean at all times and no one left the wire on any missions without your weapon being checked and double checked. And God forbid if your did not keep your weapon maintained.
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    Where to start on the Mini 14/30's, I owned one, before the laws changed and we were allowed to own AR's.

    I'll start with trying to accurize one.

    The way that the system fits in the stock creates tension's which isn't helped with the way that the top cover clips on the barrel, and all is squeezed into the gas casing at the front. No way to modify this.

    Then there is the front sight's weight at the muzzle, although not to heavy plays havoc with the harmonics when a shot is fired. The RUC had a version of the mini 14 where the top half of the gas casing had the foresight blade as an integral part.

    The cocking handle assembly is thrown back up against the breech trunion with every shot, metal to metal. There is a silicon part that you can buy to dampen the effects of this, but it doesn't solve the problem.

    The bolt assembly gets so sloppy after a few thousand rounds, the bolt holding open catch starts to fail at about the same time, even with new mags (original Ruger).

    The rear sight leafs retention screws are to small, and they chew out the threads on the leaf.

    The trigger surfaces can be polished for smoother trigger pull, only if you know what you are doing!!

    These are all problems that I have personally had with a mini 14, I spent $$$'s polishing that piece of dog turd, trying to get the accuracy that you get from an AR platform out of the box.

    I consider every dime I spent either on accessories or ammo for that POS mini a waste.

    This maybe down to me not having had the special training that the A team did:shock:.

    My advice would be, stay the hell away from the minis, get an AR or an SKS or even a muzzle loader, shit make a spear, throw stone's, but don't get a mini, when you have the chioce of something way better for just a few $'s more.

    Did I mention that I have an allergic reaction to mini 14's.

  6. Tango3

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    "A-team " lol
    skid to halt jump out of the hippie van; spray the sky with a 30 round mag, bad guys throw their weapons down and give up..
    oh I forgot about the part where you make a scud missile out of a junk water heater a box of baking soda and some"I love it when a plan comes together.."and"I pity the fool"....
  7. Jeep79

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    LMAO! ok ok . Our M-4's are cleaned to the standard and often have issues usually blamed on crappy mags or too much or too little CLP. My thought was that in a scenario that very bad things happen and stay broke over a prolonged periode of time, the required maintanance may not be met...LOL since I'm the FNG I'll just try to push the top back down on Pandoras box
  8. ozarkgoatman

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    #&!! just buy a AK/SKS drag it through 20 miles of mud, lick the mud off the sights and shoot all the zombies you want, and call it a day. :D [gun]

  9. E.L.

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    Don't get me wrong, I would pay $500 for a Mini-14 before I would pay $1000+ for a DPMS with no forward assist. The prices the AR's are going for right now really tempt me to sell all of mine while the panic buying is at it's peak, besides I know where I can get a few ARs for $850. As far as AK's, well mine would shoot just as well as my mini-14 and the AK is more reliable. The AK mags run about $15, while the Mini-14 mags run $50.
  10. saskcop

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    I have a mini because I live in Canada and cannot shoot an AR outside of a registered gun range/gun club. The mini is still legal for hunting and carrying around without a permit. That being said, I still would have a mini if AR's were restricted here in Canada, but I would probably have another AR. My new 2008 manufacture mini shoots well and is dead reliable, but good luck with magazines!!!
  11. Tracy

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    [applaud]I love a simple solution! :)
  12. ozarkgoatman

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    I just calls them the way I sees them Tracy ;) [beer]
    I'm a big fan of the KISS theroy. :)

  13. Brokor

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    "I....just wanna rock and roll all night! And party every day?"

  14. ozarkgoatman

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    I grew up listening to them. Much to my parents displeasure. [rofllmao]

    What I ment was;


  15. Brokor

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    Yeah, I just wanted you to type it out. :)
  16. Tango3

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    [fnny] :)
    rock and roll all niiiight....
    but I'll need a few more maaaags.....
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    Who the hell is Jack Handy?
  18. ghrit

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  19. nugafonos

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    Since it seems similiar in design, how does it compare to the M1 carbine interms of function & reliability? Of course. the mini fires a more powerful round - maybe convert the M1 to fire a necked down .22 round?

    I know - why bother?
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