Minnesota DPS and statewide officials refuse CCL to under 21 Vets who have served with Honor.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by HK_User, Jun 3, 2016.

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    [​IMG]Texas State Rifle Association-PAC
    Regarding Texans with our License to Carry and Minnesota!

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    Department of Public Safety to allow each state's valid concealed carry permit holders to carry in the other state while traveling, provided they comply with all respective state laws. However, Texas negotiators have repeatedly been told by Minnesota state officials that any reciprocity deal is off the table solely because Texas issues licenses to carry to military personnel and honorably discharged veterans between the ages of 18-21.

    Apparently, men and women who have proudly served our country, passed a state and federal records check, completed a firearms training course and been issued a license to carry by the Texas Department of Public Safety are what's standing in the way of Minnesota permit holders being able to carry in Texas and vice-versa.

    Minnesota requires another state's concealed carry statute to be "similar" to its law in order to qualify for reciprocity and the Gopher State requires applicants for a carry permit to be 21 or older. That is the similar, general operating rule for Texas' license to carry applicants - with the exception for the military.

    As of May 31, 2016, Texas had 1,052,073 active licensees, of which only 280 (or just .03%) of those were members of the military or veterans who were under the age of 21. So according to Minnesota DPS and statewide officials, less than 300 military heroes are standing in the way of your ability to legally protect yourself while in Texas and Texans' right to self-defense when in Minnesota.

    That is patently absurd!

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    Don't go to Minnesota?
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    If you are a Vet from Minnesota and under 21 don't expect the same rights a you have else where!

    Meaning if you have a license from other states they are not valid in your home state.
  4. chimo

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    What is really patently absurd is this notion that free people need government permission to carry a firearm in whatever manner they choose.
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    I have never understood that either @chimo and I have never understood why the constitution does not prevail over state regulations. The right to bear arms is very clear. It doesn't say 'right to bear arms if properly licensed'

    Perhaps someone can explain to me why this hasn't been challenged in court
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    Quite right. However... where did you get the idea you, or anyone else, is "free"? You willingly signed up/bought into the system, whether you knew it or not, and that is all they needed, your consent to be a slave to the current scum in power.
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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I wanted to offer free Permit to Carry classes to any Texas Vets affected by this. Message me if youre interested.

    I'm active in the local state gun rights org here, and once we get Governor Goofy out of office, we plan to make a big push for constitutional carry.
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