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    I logged in expecting there to be pages and pages of talk about it......have I just reached my over-kill of doom and gloom thinking? do I just need to put the computer away and get some more fresh air?

    lol...if I'm the only one that's been worried here about this ****, then please give me a reality check and tell me so, so that I can relax a bit!
  2. beast

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    huh? wtf are you talking about?
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    ummmm.....sorry....it honestly never occurred to me that everyone didn't know that the State Government of Minnesota has been indefinitely shut down since 12:01 am July 1st...

    all state parks have been closed, even over 4th of July weekend

    over 22,000 state workers were told june 30th to not come back to work

    Miller/Coors are now selling all of their beer and alcohol illegally because their license has expired and there is no one to renew it

    nurses/hair dressers/doctors/etc....ANY job that requires a state license....all these people cannot get or renew their licenses and the state made no special arrangements of exception for them before shutting down......this includes bars and any biz that needs a state license to operate.....which means that John Smith that owns the corner pub can't buy alcohol to sell in his bar if he was unfortunate enuff to have his liqour licnse come due for renewal this month
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    I am at the airport now. Apparently, the state can exist and continue to be a state without a functioning government. Let the bootlegging and free market begin! Think of all the money that could be saved w/o state interference in life. Let's get all 50 state gov to **** down and the fed on aug 2nd and get it over with,
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    Oh, thE delta lounge is fully stocked w beer and booze. If you need to stock up I is just $50 bucks for the day. Think about it. Pretty cheap to drink from 5 am to 11 pm daily.
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    *wonders if the liscense question also applied to Attournys?*
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    If this keeps up I'll seriously consider a move to Minnesota. [respect] Can't think of a better place to live than where the largest gang of thieves has been fired. If there is no government then there is no authority to which you are beholden to beg for permission to operate your business. Licensing at the state level is kaput. Of course, we all know that they cannot allow the people to be free of their tyranny indefinitely...the bureaucrats will be back and even hungrier than ever.

    It is sad to see that the terminally stupid have come out of hiding to destroy property and generally make asses of themselves. The human condition is, unfortunately, terminal.

  10. Magelk

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    The saddest part is the "thieves" are still on the clock.
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    We in Minnesota are all pretty sure it was the threat of no beer that made them cave in. It's a nanny state because traditionally Minnesota has had a lot of family farms, so most of the farm families have voted DFL for years. DFL is the Democrat party in the state.

    Anyway, each alcohol seller has to renew their brand license every few years. Miller/Coors was supposed to renew before the shut down (actually they sent a check in for renewal, but it was for too much money, and the govt. denied them renewal instead of just sending them change). Budweiser was about to be next.

    Gotta keep the 'proles reasonably happy.
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