Mint - No Need To Start From Seed

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Mindgrinder, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

    @Motomom34 was mentioning that she was having a hard time getting mint seeds to sprout....
    Soooo....I did an experiment for her.

    March 16

    March 31

    Buy it fresh, cut the stem, stick it in dirt.
    This can also be done with pineapple and kelory....i mean celery.

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  2. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    :5s: @Mindgrinder thank you so much for testing this out. I am looking forward to doing this myself. I will get some root solution and plant. Hopefully I will have the results you had. Would love to start other herbs this way.
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  3. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

    ALL 6 of the dirt clones rooted. 100% success, so just make sure it's as fresh as you can possibly get and I'm sure you'll pull it off flawlessly.
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  4. vonslob

    vonslob Monkey++

    Mint is easy to grow from cuttings. I started with one plant I picked up a lowes, several years later we have mint growing like crazy. Oregano is another useful herb that is easy to start from cuttings and takes off like a rocket. Nothing like a mojito made from fresh mint, and the oregano is great in sauces. To start a new area with mint or oregano we take a shovel and cut a chunk out of the plant, replant and it is off to the races
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  5. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    You can just stick it in a glass of water too. Mint is practically an aquatic plant. I put two fresh, little cuttings in a 4'x4' bed on the aquaponics setup and it was all I could do to keep it from taking over by mid summer.
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  6. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    I planted some chocolate mint a couple of years ago and the dang thing grew out of control..... still fighting with it in the garden. Moved some of it to a planter but the previous location just keeps producing. Stuff is crazy invasive......
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  7. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    Mint is deer resistant. I am hoping this applies to elk also.
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  8. azrancher

    azrancher Monkey +++

    I did pretty good at starting Cat Nip (mint) from seed last year, and it has wintered well.
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  9. NotSoSneaky

    NotSoSneaky former supporter

    Best to keep mint in a planter or use deep edging around the garden section where it grows.
    It does get out of control easily !
  10. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    The next question is.... When does mint become a weed. [emoji15] =)
  11. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

    A better survival question for an "invasion" plant is...."can I eat it?"
    Would you rather have poison ivy or mint?
    As much as i hate the blackberries here.....I cant imagine why ANYONE would pay $4/quart when they are wild along every ditch in the province.
    'Nuf said.
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  12. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    Lol so true... Which was my point. It's a weed if it takes over and is not useful...
  13. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    A weed is anything that grows where you don't want it.;)
  14. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    I went to 4 different places to find a fresh bundle of mint. No luck. I ended up having to buy a mint plant that said in small print, not intended for transplant? So I am going to break off some stems and try @Mindgrinder's experiment from them. It would be nice to have mint in a few different areas.
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  15. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    First mint plant I bought died. It was a strange one because it was not for transplanting and the leaves kept turning black. I just got a new plant and will be trying MG's experiment again. I use mint often so I would like to have a constant fresh source.

    I am making cleaning solution- lemon mint scented. Then I also put lemon and mint in my water that I bring to work.

    may 005.JPG
  16. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

    Cool cleaning solution! I'm going to have to try that.
    If at first you don't succeed...try different soil. :)
    I gave away a couple of the plants from that experiment but the 4 I have left have a perfect root ball now...close to root bound so i'll have to find them homes next weekend.
    Terrible video:
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  17. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    Cat, beer, mint and tomatoes.. What next? Lol
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  18. Mindgrinder

    Mindgrinder Karma Pirate Ninja|RIP 12-25-2017

    Potatoes, onions, cucumber, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, tomatoes xmany, peppers, 3 sisters mound corn/beans/melon....maybe more hydroponics...goji....moringa...not a @Gopherman "feed the entire neighborhood" awesome setup...but things to experiment with. :)
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  19. Gopherman

    Gopherman Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back to Sleep

    4 Well planted raised 12' beds would feed your family! We have 8 1/2 acres and apparently to much time on our hands [LMAO].
    Collards and other related greens are fast growing and will live through the winter as well.Sustainable harvesting and canning would give you plenty of greens to make it through the year.
    I put way more time into it than I need to, only because I love to watch them grow! My wife and I do it together, labor of love!
    We have really tried to change out eating habits lately and eat a lot more greens than we ever had before, we never heard of Collards or Kale before moving here.
    We were blessed with this property, only paid 75k for the house and the land. Might as well put it to use!
    When I'm working out there, I always think "We reap what we sow!" and just keep pluggin away.
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  20. Gopherman

    Gopherman Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back to Sleep

    As soon as you plant it in your yard! I planted a 6" pot of Chocolate Mint and it took over 100 square feet last year and 200 this year. other varieties not so much.
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