Minus guns, ammo, gun gear, food water, armor

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    and normal summer clothes, what remains in your BOB, and what does it weigh? Mine is 14 lbs, then 4-8 lbs of water (depending upon the area and threats) 1-3 lbs of food, 5 lbs of armor, 11 lbs of guns, gun gear and ammo, about 1 lb of NVD stuff. So the BOB weight can vary, mostly depending upon armor and full gun gear (or just pocket pistol) between 21 and 42 lbs. and that extra 20 lbs, you FEEL it, after hiking hills, brush, mud, for 10 miles, 5-6 hours. :) It does start to slow down your responses and make you more prone to injury and oversights. tack on another 20-30 lbs, and it flat starts to get really stupid. All the gear and skill in the world won't mean a thing if you wrench a knee or ankle. Y0u'll be sitting there deciding when to shoot yourself, that's all. Before or after all the agony of the next few hours/days. So you have to be really in shape, practicing with such weight, all the time, on your type of terrain, or you'd better keep the BOB pretty danged lightweight.
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    How can you posses FireArms? As a Convicted Felon, that is not available to you, any longer..... Or are you using the Black Powder/Replica Arms Exemption..... and does you Parole Officer Know....Inquiring Minds, want to know.....
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    I'd really, REALLY like to get together these guys who "think" that they can do something with 80 lbs, (much less 100+) and bet a year's pay against their being able to cover 30 miles of rough terrain in 2 days. :) I might lose the first one, but i"m going to win 9 out of 10. :) A great many men can not do this with 50 lbs, and I mean young, healthy ones.

    know what? there's laws against dope, too, but 30 million people do dope on a fairly regular basis. :) Some of them even admit it on the Net. When they outlaw guns for everybody, are you going to just wimp out?
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    What are you going to do without your meds?
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    Too much fail going on.
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    At 65, it doesn't matter how heavy my BoB is. A fanny pack filled with a roll of toilet paper slows me down. for me it is about how far my 4X4 or ATV will get me toward my BOL and from there, how much I have to pack in.
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    I bought 2 life straws the other day, So I pack very little water and of course I have my ''Pocket 9mm'' handy, Never know when a marauder bandit type tries to jump me following the railroad track.
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    Throwing out a feeler about using a wheel barrow to haul my gear down the tracks, Think if I pulled the front tire off the rim, Would it then ride the rail ?
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    Gator I believe our resident wheelbarrow expert is on break:rolleyes:
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    Like this..... ?!
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    Oh Hell Yeah !!! Now we cooking with Oleo margarine
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    And that folks is............... funny, right there!!! [​IMG]

    Geez, YD! Ya got that up while I was searching for the toothless emoticon!! [​IMG]
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    Well, let's see...between my pack, climbing stand, insulated super suit, insulated boots, decoy, camo skirting, roof section for rain, food and water for a all day hunt, weapon of choice, and deer sleigh, that is at least 80-90lbs, likely more, and I do that every hunt on public lands. On private I may use one of several ground blinds, and in really cold weather, will add a 12lb propane tank and 1lb heater, and leave the climber in the truck. Mark location with the GPS, and hump it 2-5 miles in and 2-5 miles out. And do it quietly. I'm 50. On the way out, I'll be hauling a deer on the sleigh, as well. I think I can hit your mark, no problem.
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    Other than another [deadhorse] bug out bag discussion, I'm not sure what the question is.

    The title states "other than guns, ammo, gun gear" and then you go on to say that you have 11 pounds of "guns, gun gear, and ammo". So are we counting gun stuff or not?

    Anyway, I've never actually weighed my bug out bag, but it's nowhere near 40 lbs.

    The purpose of a BOB is to get you by for a few days until you can return home or travel to a safer place. Once you start getting into 40+ lbs. of anything and/or the entire contents of a Bass Pro Shop, you have gone beyond the scope of a bug out bag.

    My selection method is simple: Before I place something in my BOB I ask myself, "could I get by for 4 days without this item?" If the answer is yes, then the item is disqualified. The contents of my bag change seasonally.

    The other trick is to make the decision quickly. If you have to think about it, that means you are fishing for an excuse to keep the item. Given enough time, we can always come up with some way-out-there scenario to justify lugging any piece of equipment. Don't get sucked into the vortex. Remember, this isn't a voyage to Mars. You only need a BOB to last you a short while.

    I go light on guns, I plan for just my .40 carry pistol with about 30 extra rounds preloaded into magazines. Bringing a rifle to fend off large critters & such may be wise depending on where you are and where you're going, but if you think as a matter of routine you're going to "need" many hundreds of rounds of ammo in multiple calibers over a 1-4 day period, then either you're a really bad shot or you're living in some Rambo-esqe fantasy of testosterone overdose.

    Most people will over think the function of a BOB and load themselves down with pounds of $h!t they don't need. Meh. Whatever.

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    I can't believe anybody seriously participated at all in this thread.
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    Your Probably Right!
    BOB I have always thought, is for when your run out of Base of OP's, and need to have enough to survive indefinitely, until you can re-establish, that's what mine are stocked and prepped for!
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    Oh I was serious enough. I could go lighter with more money, but steel climbing stands are cheaper, I could use special made gear that wieghs half as much, but as any backpacker can tell you, ultralight gear costs big money. So I do exactly ad I said I did, and carry a full load every time.

    Unless I go very light and quiet. (,I do change it up as needed)
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