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Discussion in 'Survival of the Fittest' started by Minuteman, Mar 27, 2014.

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    Just went to the Dr. today. Before I left for vacation I was at 135.5 Kilos, Yeah I have to convert everything here to see what it is in pounds. I must have converted wrong because I said I was at 297. Actually 135.5 is a little over 298.
    After being on vacation for a month I knew I had gained some. But not nearly what I normally do. I felt bloated and sluggish. So now I have been back for 3 weeks and back to strict Paleo eating. I weighed in yesterday and was at 135 even which converts to an even 297. So I have lost all the weight I gained on vacation plus a little over a pound. I'll take that.
    I am down another waist size too. I bought 2 pair of a size smaller jeans while in the US, decided to try them on and they fit fine. Actually a little baggy in the legs and seat. The 2x shirts I wear(down from 3x) are all getting baggy now too. I have some XL's in storage I am going to have to dig out. I had two guys recently come by my rig that I haven't seen in a while and they both commented on how much weight I have lost. That's always a great inspiration and motivator.
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    Congrats MM! Great job
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    Agreed.....Great Job!!!
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    I just had to buy some new clothes and I found that to be my best motivation; not spending the money but the physical representation of my success becomes my encouragement every time I "slip" into my new slacks. Also, I have been able to drop a shirt size as well as pull out some old favorites from storage that I have thought were relegated to being saved as mementoes.

    You're doing great and you too have the obvious benefit of wearing your success! Excellent job!
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    Thanks guys. Yep, the rewards are very evident in clothes sizes, not to mention more energy and vigor. I hope to go down another 3 waist sizes. I will be back to the size I wore in my 20's. My weight goal is where I was in my 20's also, around 240. If I weighed what the official, according to Hoyle, chart says for my height, which is 214, I would look like a concentration camp survivor. Even my doctor says that isn't realistic and the chart is a guide not the final word. At 235-240 I was fit, trim, healthy. I am just north of 6' 3" and very solid and stocky built, so that weight is just right for me.
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    MM: I too am 6'3" and was up to 248 a few years back. This January, when I started my Primal journey, I was at 238 after fighting with my diet for more than two years. I am already back to the size I wore in high school and can't remember when I was at this weight. I hope to lose a few more pounds to shed my spare tire; that would put me below 200 and, like you, I feel great. I wish you continued good luck with your program!
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    Thanks E. I am really having great results so far. I passed 200lbs when I was 13 years old!! Haven't seen it since. Those height and weight charts don't mean anything. it all depends on your body type. My father was 6'3" also but he was tall and lanky built and never got over 180lbs. When I was body building in my 20's I weighed about 230 and was fit and trim. I would be glad to get back to that weight again. Luck to you on your primal journey as well.
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    Grok on, my brother!
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    The hidden dangers of the primal diet.

    I have read about risks associated with this lifestyle ( I hate calling it a diet). And I have come across one myself of late. The first thing on my body to show weight gain or loss is my gut. For some reason if I put on a few pounds it shows up in my stomach and my shirts getting snug. With the weight loss I am achieving on primal I am down two shirt sizes now. I am constantly amazed when I look down and I can see things I haven't seen in years! Like my belt buckle! ;)
    But now I catch myself looking down when I'm walking. I almost had a collision with a wall and almost tripped a couple of times!

    I also have noticed another side effect. I am starting to get flabby in places I never was before. I was recently engaged in some strenuous exercise that involved a lot of hip movement(jogging in place ;)) And I noticed a lot of jiggle in the trunk. I never had that before. My work out routine has been mainly planking and sit ups with some upper body muscle building. I can see I am going to have to add some toning exercises! I have been moving the rig the last couple of weeks and haven't had access to the gym and the treadmill. I'm thinking next hitch that is going to be a priority. In the 130 degree heat in the Saudi desert long walks are out of the question. I may have to add some squats and some stair steps too. Yeah a little TMI I know.

    Another interesting thing is my doctor. I saw him last week and he has been following my progress and is fully on board with it. I love this doc he is very holistic and doesn't like to throw meds at you. His only recommendation was to up my water intake as people on high protein diets often develop kidney stones.

    I am going in tomorrow and getting a full blood workup. I do that once a year just to monitor things. He really wasn't too much in favor of it. He said he expected my cholesterol to be up and he said he wasn't worried about it at all. The health benefit of the weight loss far outway any down side to a higher cholesterol count. ( I am blessed with perfect blood pressure and my EKG's are that of a 20 yr old)He said if it's very high I should start taking a fish oil tablet everyday.

    So I guess all-in-all I just keep doing what I've been doing, with a few more exercises thrown in. And watch where I'm walking!
    I'll get a weight tomorrow to see what change I have had in the last week.
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  11. Minuteman

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    Woo hoo!!! 288 lbs today. That's 30 lbs from my all time high of 318. I was running around 315 when I went primal.
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    Tearing it up! Most Excellent! Great work MM!
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    Keep going, man. Just get all in it and love it, like a soft teddy bear that smells like cocoa. I love that...*looks around*

    So, I have been eating mostly pork chops (bulk on sale), chicken quarters (bulk on sale), lamb chops (clearance on sale), and hamburger. Also eating loads of eggs fried and hard boiled, milk, purified water by the gallon and hot tea (several cups per day) organic blend loose leaf bulk from Amazon. Now for the bad news...I use organic demerara sugar for the minerals and good sweetness because I am worth it, and because I still have the metabolism of a hamster on crack. Potatoes, pasta, rice, and a smidge of bread, but not all the time. Experimenting with coconut flour bread. Is this primal? Not really. Is it close? Arguable.

    I weighed 151 lbs. before my Jenny Craig diet about 1 1/2 months ago. I now weigh 138 lbs. and I feel like I am dying. Just kidding, I feel great. Muscle building is a slow process for me these days. Like Melbo said, "something smart about working out and stuff" I think I need to do more of that. So, I will begin by doing 50 pushups every morning instead of my usual 15, which is down from the 25 I used to do but due to the time of year and the economy, I had to cut back a little. Inflation sucks, man. Gonna do some running. No, I swear. Eventually. Sit ups, blah! Okay, fine. 50 sit ups.

    Seriously, good luck, MM. If a skinny little rat like I can hang on to this, you meatier hairy types should have lots to look forward to!
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    Haven't posted in a while thought I would do an update. Been a bit stagnate on the weight loss front. I had a vacation and went to Dublin Ireland. Drank a barrel full of Guinness beer! Plus some good food. I gained a little as I usually do on vacations but have now lost it all back plus 4 pounds. Came in at 284lbs at doctors the other day. So am back on track.

    But the main thing I wanted to report was the results of my annual checkup. My doctor told me before we did the blood work that he expected my cholesterol to be a bit on the high side due to my high protein diet. But he was absolutely blown away when we got the results back. It was high when I moved here 4 1/2 years ago and he had me on a regiment that got me down to just under the highest side of normal. That is where I have stayed for the last couple of years. We got my latest results back and wow, my cholesterol is not only in the normal range, it is at the bottom of it. Any more "normal" and it would off the charts. All the indices were perfect, the good cholesterol was very good and the bad was almost non existent.
    My heart, liver, kidney, PSA's, everything they test for each year on a 50+ yr old man was as normal as normal could be!! He said I was healthier than a 25 yr old. And he just couldn't get over the fact that my cholesterol was so good. He said I must be eating very lean meat. I told him not really, I eat bacon and steaks, ground meat, I don't ever intentionally buy or order anything especially lean. I have however been living in Cyprus and eating a very healthy Mediterranean based cuisine. Lot's of olive oil, fresh locally grown fruits and veggies . Hormone free beef and eggs. That coupled with the Paleo lifestyle is having awesome and now documented effects on my overall health, not just the weight loss.
    Another milestone, I just bought several pairs of new jeans another waist size down and they fit great. And I bought several XL shirts that fit great too! That is 3 waist sizes and two shirt sizes I have dropped in the last 8 months since I started this.

    Quiq, I will be eternally grateful for your sharing your story with us here. It is your inspiration that got me started and keeps me going. Thank you brother.
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    Great news....and results MM :5s: [chopper]
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    Great Job MM!
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