Missouri Lawmaker Wants Firing Squads

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stg58, Jan 17, 2014.

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    I believe Utah still has the firing squad option.

    They are complaining about the drugs used in Ohio, why not a combination of lead and copper for the condemned?

    Do two states make a trend? After a lawmaker in Wyoming proposed the return of firing squads, a lawmaker in Missouri has done the same, reports Raw Story. State Rep. Rick Brattin filed a bill yesterday that would allow the state to execute prisoners the old-fashioned way, in part because of the national shortage of drugs typically used. "If the judgment of death is to be carried out by firing squad, the director of the department of corrections shall select a five-person firing squad consisting of licensed peace officers," reads his bill. The topic is gaining more steam after yesterday's controversial execution of Ohio inmate Dennis McGuire with untested drugs. McGuire struggled to breathe for about 10 minutes, and his family is now suing after likening it to "torture." The prospects for Brattin's bill aren't clear. But Pitch.com takes note of another of his in the pipeline: He wants to require schools that teach evolution to notify parents and allow them to opt out.
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    I've advocated the death sentence for Traffic Court offences for years .... a 220V electric chair would be cleaner and faster .... 3 DUIs and you get the chair ... keep speeding and old sparky gets a whack at you ...
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    Well people humanely put animals down with a shot to the head.. I wouldn't have a problem with Death sentences carried out the same way.
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    Hanging worked for years!
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    Eh? Who brought a pinyatta? :rolleyes:
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    I agree with Gray Wolf hanging. Build a gallows on every county courthouse front lawn then on Saturdays have a public hanging for
    child molesters/rapist/murders/ Politicians. It would be a family outing day meet in the court house square catch up with friends and neighbors drink a couple beer watch the hanging then take the wife and kids for ice cream.

    This would serve 4 main purposes

    1 - It cuts out forcing the American tax payers having to pay the up keep for the ba$tard$ in jail
    2 - It shows the younger generation the is consequences for their actions
    3 - It sends a message to the criminals that they will pay for what they do
    4 - No repeat offenders
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    I'm all about choice. Let the condemned choose there own demise , Hanging ,Firing Squad , or Old Sparky, That should about do it !
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    Hell no Gator, ole Sparky is Expensive!! A bullet is Cheaper & a Rope is reusable. Just no Bungee cords allowed please!
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    I like the concept of allowing the condemned to choose from a smorgasbord of ways to die. For one thing, it would eliminate the crap like Ohio is dealing with over that experiment with drugs.

    Hanging is an interesting exercise. Some of the condemned could be too light to assure a neck snap in the distance available for falling, and they have to add weight. You gotta get it just right to snap the neck without yanking the head clean off. The heavier ones need to have the drop shortened for the same reason. Tough calcs, but I've read somewhere that there are tables of distance and weights.
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