Missouri Woman Chased into House by a Black Panther

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BigO01, May 23, 2008.

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    Yep it honestly happened and she has video of the cat on her porch to prove it .

    Lady in SW MO saw the cat come out of the woods and head straight for her , said her dog distracted it for a few and she managed to get in the house .

    Black panther chasing you and do you get a gun or call the cops ?

    No , we have to get the camera out and make a video and from the news pictures perhaps a few stills to boot . Cat was on her porch apparently trying to scratch the screen window out .

    She finally called the police who unfortunately killed the cat , turned out it was a declawed 60 lber and from the looks it was a true Black leopard not a black phase mountain lion .

    How silly we Americans are , run for a video camera when we need a gun , if that cat had had it's claws and been full grown she might very well have been it's dinner for the day , that mesh screen wouldn't have even slowed it down that much .

    I see this as perhaps another victim of the Oil companies greed . With the prices of everything skyrocketing how many people who own these exotic animals will be able to afford to continue feeding them ? How many in rural areas will simply open the cage and let them go free ?

    Of course just like the collapsing economy it wont be their fault when someone gets killed by an African Cat in America they really needed to make that extra 50+ billion dollars more in profits while the rest of us are trying to simply survive .
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    That's the funniest thing I have read all day. Quite a leap you made there from someone killing a cat to blaming it on the oil companies. [lolol] Last time I checked, it was the market that set the price of oil. Those nervous traders on Wall St. are the ones that are killing us, not the oil companies. I guess you could throw OPEC in there also for not releasing more volume, but there are plenty of places to point the blame at that make a lot more sense. The falling U.S. dollar, the tree huggers and ignorant politicians that will not let us drill in ANWR and the continental shelf, not to mention the lack of refineries. I feel the pain at the pump as much as anyone, and the cost of gas has put dampers on us going on vacations and traveling to see family. I just think that credit should be due where it is actually due. The oil companies are definitely benefiting from the situation, but not causing it. They produce and refine as much as they can.
  3. BigO01

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    Sure E.L they buy equipment and hire men to drill holes in the ground all over the world to find oil , they ship it half way around the world and refine it into gasoline and they sell it to gas stations or own the gas stations and they have no say whatso ever in what it sells for .

    Right .

    O and just what are these traders so nervous about ?

    Do you see any oil shortages ? Any rationing going on anywhere in America ?

    All I see are people getting raped left and right as prices keep skyrocketing along with the gas prices .

    Have people never bought stock in oil until the last 8 years or so ?

    I never heard the stock angle until the old line of supply and demand quit playing .

    You people remind me of a bass , all someone has to do is find the right color lure and you'll gobble it up no matter how many hooks are sticking in your mouth and you're happy as can be doing it .

    I hope you had a good enough laugh so you can keep on laughing right up to and including when you're losing your job or getting robbed at gunpoint because of the rising prices .
  4. monkeyman

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    I wouldnt put to much faith in it being declawed and haveing been a pet. The MO conservation department is determined to deny wild panthers exist in MO so when ever anyone sees one they tell them they didnt see it, if they get pics or video they claim it was some other animal no matter how clear the pics and when one is killed they claim it must have been a pet that escaped.

    My guess is that they reintroduced them (used to be native) and want to deny their existance so no one asks how they came back and sues the hell out of them when one of the cats kills someone.

    The cat being declawed might not be so questionable if they hadnt tried the 'escaped pet' line on every other panther killed in the state over the last few years and denied their existance, though at the same time putting it in their literature that you are not supposed to shoot them.
  5. E.L.

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    I am going to do my best not to rant, but I have known that commodities are bought and sold in the various world markets since I was just a kid. Now OPEC has the ability to influence the commodity with increased output, but Mobile, Exxon, Shell, etc. do not set their prices. Who sets the prices of Gold and Silver? Mining companies? No, market traders.

    A bass, [lolol]you got me laughing again. You think I am happy about the price of gas? Hell no, but I know that the blame is not with the oil companies. Between increased demand, lower production levels, and the falling of the dollar, you could see this coming from a long ways away. T. Boone Pickens predicted all of this, as he is one of the premier men in the oil business. He actually thought it would happen last year, and I thought he was crazy. He turned out to be right. The oil companies are no doubt benefiting like crazy, but they are merely the opportunist taking advantage of the situation. Ask Minuteman, he has been in the oil business about as long as I have been alive. This is a mult-tiered storm, demand is higher, production is falling, the dollar is falling, and we still have restrictions on exploration. If we were to announce that we were going to drill off of the coast and in ANWR, then you would probably see the market react by cutting $1 or more a gallon off of the current price. Unless the dollar rebounds, and/or we start being more proactive we are in for a rough road. I hate it, but it is reality. No owner of Shell, Exxon, Mobile, etc. can change that. It is basic economics, the prices are set on Wall Street. It is easy to blame the big oil companies, but there is way more to it than meets the eye.

    As for my job, rest easy, the fuel prices will have no impact on my job. People still have to eat, besides I am prepared financially. Now if I get robbed at gun point, well they better be quicker on the trigger than I. That though could happen anytime or anyplace.

    I still can't quite make the jump between a big cat being killed being the fault of the oil companies. Now that is a bit of speculation I don't think Vegas or a day trader would touch.
  6. ghrit

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    I have this intense feeling that there was some tongue in cheek blaming the panther on big oil. At least I hope so, still laffin' about it.
  7. toemag

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    Gas Price's here in Germany are at €1,50+ a litre, which in turn is having a knock on effect on the price of everything in the super markets.

    As to the cat, shoked.

    That Black panther being de-clawed makes all the difference now doesn't it. Being hit by a cat of that size going at full speed, would put you on your butt, having knocked the wind out of you, then he'd just have to give you a love bite on the neck to end it for you.

    We had a Bear on the loose about 2 years ago, came over the Alps apparently from Italy where they have been re-introducing them into the wilds. Things would have been okay, but as they have been off the face of the earth until then, some if not most of the population had forgotten why they were killed off in the first place. It started killing sheep etc, Bruno must have forgot that he was supposed to be a vegetarian bear, which eventually lead to him being shot about 40km's away from where I live.

  8. E.L.

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    That cat might have been declawed, but those teeth are probably were not capped. Like big round blades. :shock:
  9. monkeyman

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    It could kill you just with a slap even with no claws. Like I said before though, I would question IF the cat even was declawed. The conservation depatrment in MO claimed that a very clear video of a panther in someones back yard was a house cat, around Kansas city, MO there have been 2-3 hit by cars in the last few years, they were all supposedly pets, I have seen one in northern MO but it officialy dosent exist, a neighbor shot one off his roof a few years ago but there are no panthers in MO according to the conservation department and any time one is killed they rush to claim the carcass and announce it was an escaped pet. They aint popular pets but they were native here before they were killed off. So I figure it was the conservation department reporting it was declawed and as such, since they consistently work so hard to cover the existance of panthers here, the statment means less than if it were never made.

    Its like a politician saying they can be trusted.
  10. ozarkgoatman

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    Ain't that the truth. :rolleyes: We have mountain lions and black panthers but they will swear up and down that every one of them is an exscaped pet. [stoner]In my almost 12 years of being here in the Ozarks I have yet to meet someone that had one as a pet. [beat]

  11. ghrit

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    I think once I shot the pussycat, I'd take pix of its feet. If declawed, then a pet is a possibility. If not, and they claimed it was either a pet or declawed, the front page of the local fish wrapper would certainly refute the balderdash.
  12. monkeyman

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    Nope, one of the instances I refered to was a woman whos back yard butted up to a golf coarse. She saw one at the edge of her yard and video taped it. There were several items in its imediate vicinity to show scale as well as the distinctive shape to the body and proportion of the tail and such and was a clear video, OBVIOUSLY a cougar/panther. It played on the news for a couple days then the conservation department announced they had determined it was a house cat or bob cat or some such and the news reported that then as fact and dismissed the video as an error or hoax. Like I say, they are as bad as the fed politicians.
  13. BigO01

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    While I totally agree with what you've said regarding the Conservation Departments denial Monkey I get the feeling from the video that this was a declawed pet .

    The video ran for about a minute of the cat on the porch pawing at the screen part of the door rather determinedly . I would think if it were a wild animal trying to attacker her it would have used it's claws and gotten in the house fairly easily .

    I think it was an ex pet lost and confused and probably didn't understand why she wouldn't feed/pet/play with it as during the pawing at the door it seemed to be rubbing it's face on the screen in an almost playful manner .

    Also the lady said her dog distracted it in her interview and while being interviewed in a chair in her living room there was a Germen Sheppard sitting next to her .

    Now while this is only assumption I believe it is a reasonable one , in that was the dog she was speaking of and it didn't appear to be wounded nor did she mention that is was . Again I would think if it had tangled with a wild Panther even a 60 LB juvenile it would have sustained serious injury .
  14. monkeyman

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    Could be, like I say thought, when it comes to MDC I put them in the same catagory as politicians, you know their lieing when their lips move, and so just never accept the reports as fact anymore since they usualy provide the 'facts' for the reports.
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