For Sale Mitsubishi Fusio Expedition

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    Unless they come from some odd ball depot, you can pretty much expect to win your bid! As an example, J.B.L.M had several listed, those went for about 2K above the listed minimum, where as the exact same trucks in Texas, Kentucky, or Salt Lake went for the list price with single bid wins! Mine had no other bidders when I got it out of Salt Lake, but my trailer had 5 bidders and I had to pay $600 above list to win, still a super deal!
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    I never seen our military using these UNIMOGs so must be FEMA or some other that's got a large budget. Ah! Found it! I think it is this one. Sweet! I heard good things about these UNIMOGs...83,000km isn't anything on this rig if they kept it up. I wonder if I put a plow on it if I could sell it to the wife...? LOL!
    1986 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 435 4x4 Cargo Truck (83,400 km)

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    yall they have 17 available ..

    current locations IN, CA, KY, GA, plus a bunch in HI

    @ghrit the KY, IN, GA ones are within range of yer AO

    @Bandit99 the CA one is closest but ya might be able to have one shipped from IN or KY or GA .. although that could get expensive

    Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) For Sale | GovPlanet

    they also have 4 MTVs but only one is within the lower 48 n it does not look too gud
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    Yeah, that one in California supposedly has only 700 miles on it, hard to believe, but I suppose possible. I am going to keep on eye on this site but first I got to get something to move snow: tractor, skid-steer, backhoe, something... We get so much that the best thing is to get something with a bucket (tractor or backhoe) so you an pick the snow up and move it, pile it. The wife would shoot me with my own gun if I brought something like this home without resolving the snow removal problem.
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