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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ozarkgoatman, Feb 13, 2008.

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    Well so much for my thread titled "SPRING IS COMING" winter finnaly hit here in Southcentral Mo. [beer] Over the last few days we got 4-5" of ice on the ground that is frozen into one solid mass. Yesterday we lost power while making eggs for breakfest. So the eggs binging half done were moved from the the kitchen stove to the wood stove and finnished. The coffee pot was put on the wood stove and WG and myself ate our meal while listening to the radio (battery powered) like normal. While outside getting water to the livestock I heard someone yealling for help. I went to our front gate about 1/8 of a mile away. There I found our mailman he was stuck in the ditch down the road a little ways. We went and looked the situation over and I figured what I would need to get him out. Told him I would be back in a few minutes and off I went to get some chains/come along, and chain saw. WG, DD, and I loaded what I needed on an old sled of DDs and off we went on operation get the mail through.[lolol]

    Here is his truck stuck while trying to get around a downed tree.


    DD and I dragging all the stuff back to the house after getting the mailman back on his way.


    The mailman was totally unprepared for such an event and just about froze to death in the sort time it took us to get him back on the road. A sheeple for sure. [beat]

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    Spoke too soon didn't ya [lolol]

    Good of you to help the sheeple out. Hopefully, he learned a lesson on preparedness and won't repeat almost freezing to death.
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    Yup, he jinxed it for sure!!!

    Y'all can sent that snow to Memphis, we haven't had any yet and I want some snow this year.

    Glad you could help out the mailman. What's that saying again: "Neither rain nor sleet, nor snow or ice will keep the mail from getting through"? But one downed tree can bugger the whole thing up LOL
  4. ozarkgoatman

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    Yep jumped the gun a bit. Or maybe the geese did. [lolol]

    Mailman not likely to learn anything, he told me that he had a farmer pull him out with a tractor a few years ago. [beat] Still hasn't learned his lesson I'm sure.

    No kckndrgn we won't be sending any snow your way we like it to much and don't get near enough for our liking. [lolol]

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    Re: Response to Kckndrgn about "Mo. Ice storm"

    Sorry if OGM is being a wee bit selfish!? lol I'll see if we can spare a bit/send some your way! ;) It's kinda hard when you already don't get enough and daughter has actually cried in the past 'cause she couldn't use her new sled from Santa, build a snowman and etc...

    Maybe we'll do a SNOW-DANCE or somethin'... I know daughter would love to help out!!!!! ha,ha,ha

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