MO jbts raid a dairy-farm - cheese not fit for human consumption

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    Arrogant pr!cks.

    People angry over state's closure of Missouri dairy farm - KCTV5

    A Missouri farm is devastated when the state raided their dairy and confiscated cheese made from raw milk. The state said it was not fit for human consumption, but some disagree.
    The point of the raw food movement is to eat food the way nature intended, without any sterilization or pasteurization, not even for milk or cheese. But that's raising health concerns, and it also led to the shutdown of one Missouri farm.
    At Natural Grocers near 91st Street and Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park, KS, people can find plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, but they won't find any unpasteurized milk or cheese.
    "Just because of the health risk and what it can do - it can cause bacterial infection within the gut, it can cause inflammations within the digestive tract," Steve Przybylo with the store said.
    That's why the Missouri Milk Board and the State Department of Agriculture moved to shut down Morningland Dairy, located in Mountain View, MO, just outside of Springfield, two years ago after tests on the raw cheese it produced turned up staphaureus and listeria.
    Joseph Dixon who owns the farm with his wife was outraged and so were several of his neighbors.
    "You have people here today saying, ‘hold it. We have questions – why?' And that's why these people are here and we appreciate that they want to be here," Dixon said.
    This month the Missouri Court of Appeals upheld the initial ruling and 32 tons of cheese had to be dumped. Dixon said that is simply government overreach and maintains his product is safe.
    "They really haven't proven anything. They really haven't found anything. No sickness or illness in 30 years," he said. "In the United States of America if ‘what if' now wins, we have no country left."
    In a phone interview the Dixons said they don't' know what they're going to do, but they're not giving up hope they'll one day sell their product on the open market.
    Selling raw milk is illegal in 10 states, including Iowa and Louisiana. A ruling in 1987 banned the interstate sale of raw milk, meaning people can't sell it across state lines.
    It is legal to sell raw milk within Kansas and Missouri.
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    It is a wonder there is any life on earth. For eons there was not refrigeration or preservatives to protect us from this kind of food. Gasp!!!!! I drank fresh milk every day for most of my youth from our cows as did most every other farm kid in America----now all of a sudden it is illegal. Found a supply of fresh Jersey milk recently and love it. Making our own butter again. Get some fresh goat milk occasionally also. Just love it.
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    The next thing, they're going to tell you that you can't keep your own milk animals, either. My sisters and I had goats for 4H when we were in school, drank the milk raw (after we chilled it), and we never got sick. Personally, I think that it's the over-use of antibiotics that's making people get sick from things they were fine with 40 years ago.
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