MO Monkeys, please report to the pricipal's office with a list of your firearms

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by CATO, Jan 17, 2013.

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    If this is true, somebody better call Josey Wales. Hopefully, this is a joke website. Verify if you're a MO Monkey

    Missouri Political News Service

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    That's a bunch of BS. Glad I don't live there, but, I know some of you do. Time to vote that person OUT!

    This is what you get when smart people run businesses and libiots are left to run the govt.

    @ghrit - perhaps move to Freedom & Liberty forum.
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    Suddenly I am reminded of the parking lot at my high school, the back lot in particular which was closest to the ag barns and where all of us kit shickers parked.

    (believe it or not the stiletto diva showed pigs and Brahman steers in her youth)

    Nearly every pickup parked back there had a gun rack in the back window, and at least half of them sported a rifle of some sort. On school property. Unsecured beyond the usual locked doors and random and oft ignored alarm system.

    I didn't go to some rural school either, my graduating class was well over one thousand. They had separate high schools for 9-10 and then 11-12 because the city was so large, and I believe the grad class for the other senior high (where one could also find many, many trucks with rifles in the back window) was closer to 2500. We were about as country as the drugstore ponies the little kids rode for a quarter, and those pickups and gun racks and rifles were like our unscuffed cowboy boots and oversized belt buckles, just accessories that we thought validated our cowboy status.

    It never occurred to me until just now to wonder if that was legal back then, but it was certainly accepted and nothing bad ever came of it.
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    I know I'm getting old. We carried knives to school. And we often settled disagreements with other guys with our fists. Perhaps we were ignorant, we never thought of using our knives on each other, not guns or baseball bats either.
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    Moved.... This just shows, that even the Stupidest of the Sheeple, can get themselves Elected to a .Gov Office... I mean REALLY, I suspect that this Babe's Bill will "Die in Committee" without even a hearing...... if NOT, then the Citizens of Missouri, will start a Civil War, over the Statute, if it ever became a Law.....
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    At our school, the boys are allowed to carry knives on their belts/pockets and shoot air soft guns during recess. The principal has mandated that all boys be raised to be men and have responsibility for same. The girls are happy to have boys around who will protect them when the principal is not present.

    We have also instilled in our students a distrust for government. I fact, one of our brightest students made an interesting observation on Sandy Hook. She said, "If this boy's mother told the baby sitter not to turn her back on him because he was unstable, why would the same mother teach him how to shoot all her guns and give him access to them? This doesn't make sense and makes me think there is an anterior motive in this masaacre. Would the government sacrifice 26 people to restrict our gun rights?". This student is 13. She also asked if the government had ever done anything that would let us be able to believe this?

    Yes, logic has it's benefits.

    We homeschool and I am the principal.
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    Being as stupid as Sen Nadal has GOT to hurt!

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    Can't hurt, entirely numb to external stimulus.
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