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    WG got a e-mail from a friend of ours, she has worked very hard not only in this state but Nationally as well to try to stop NAIS. I was going to post what she said but it looks like WG has deleted it. [beat] The bill was passed by a veto prof margine and it states that Mo. dept of ag. will not mandate anyone to be part of NAIS. [applaud] The first time I saw her speak I thought I was pretty well informed about NAIS but soon found out that I didn't know a @$#@%^ thing about it. I acctually knew more than most but she just knows that much more about the history and what is being done in other countries. Any way I would like to thank her here for all of her hard work. If anyone has went to any of the NAIS meeting in the state then you have seen her speak, her first name is Doreen.

    Thank you very much Doreen. [respect] [bow] [clp][clp][clp]

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    Excelent, glad to hear it. Now lets hope they dont try to federalize it and fource it from a federal level to over ride the state. While the state says its OK and can hollar about prosicutions I dont know that that would help the individual arrested and/or fined by the feds if they decided to enforce it anyway.

    Now if we can get the other states to also do the same then the fed might figure out it was a battle they didnt want to fight.
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    As nice as it is to hear that MO finally officially told NAIS to shove it, all it really means is that the govt will find some other more covert means of making it happen.

    The feedstores/elevators taking all your info when you buy feed (pretty hard to deny you have chickens if you're buying scratch), info being taken when the kids register for 4H, regular property tax records being scrutinized more carefully ......... The info's already there, all it requires is for some pencil-neck to enter it into the 'wrong' database accidently, and you are now registered with NAIS involuntarily. It's already snared folks throughout the states, and it CAN happen to you! "Oops, of course we will delete you from that database, ma'am - don't know how it happened, an innocent mistake, of course. We'll get right to it." Except the govt doesn't do jacksh*t unless and until it suits them. And with Big AgriBusiness running the show, helping the small farmer will never suit them.

    If you think otherwise, your head is firmly in a sandhill.

    Ready the thunder, boys. It's going to be a bumpy ride. [shtf]
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    Agreed. This is no way the end of the war, just one battle that came out in our favor. The feed store we deal with I know the owner and he is very much against NAIS. But I doubt very much that his data is ultra secure.


    BTW here is the letter I was trying to put on here to begin with.

    Missouri NAIS Legislation Passes!

    After a very protracted and insane battle with the
    pushers of NAIS, who want no state statute whatsoever
    regarding NAIS, unless it gives full and complete
    consent for mandatory, we finally have somewhat
    constraining statute, via Senate Bill 931, with a veto
    proof passage of legislation that does not allow the
    MDA to mandate or otherwise force participation in
    NAIS. I realize that is huge run on sentence, too!

    It is good to have something that constrains it, but
    the second section is rife with problems, so there
    will be issues that still need to be addressed. In
    other words, we have a victory, but don't think this
    is totally finished, because no statute, no matter how
    good, is ever set in stone. I strongly suggest that
    anyone with a PIN immediately try to be removed. If
    you need help with the methods, just send me an email
    and I'll send you the protocol and particulars to
    follow to help.

    So, my eternal thanks to all of those who struggled
    with me to get this done. And a huge pat on the back
    to Senator Purgason, who has taken a tremendous amount
    of political slapping by striving to get NAIS
    legislation for two full years. He is a statesman,
    which is a rare individual these days.

    Give yourselves a big ole' "Congratulations!" and
    have a great summer!! I will now get my garden in!

    God bless,

    Doreen Hannes

    Here is a link to her site for those who would like to read it.

    Doreen Hannes News with Views Site ~ Where Reality Shatters Illusion

    ... and
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