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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by 3M-TA3, Dec 20, 2017.

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    Just like the title says, please show us how you mounted your mobile gear or your go boxes for when you go on the road. Field Day type setups as well as antennas. Getting ready to pull the trigger on some purchases and want some ideas.
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    I would show you pictures, but I can't find them on my computers... Oh Well... We have a 2006 WhiteToyota 4X4 Tundra Pickup Truck, that has a complete Mobile Radio Installation... Since I an a Kenwood Man, The HF/6 Meter Radio is a TS-480SAT, with AutoTuner... The T/R Box is mounted on the Floor, behind the Passenger Seat, and under the Fold-down Cargo Lid. The Control Head is mounted just aft of the 5 Speed Shifter and 2/4WDShifter with an External Speaker, mounted on the Back-side of the Center Console. The Vhf/Uhf Radio is a Kenwood TM-D710a 50Watt.... With the T/R Unit mounted next to the HF T/R Unit, and the Control Head mounted just behind, the TS-480SAT Control Head, and right in from to the Center Console. We also have an AvMapVI unit mounted in the top of the Dashboard in the center, and below the RearView Mirror, which is our GPS/ARPS Mapping System and Display. I mounted the two speakers for this Radio, on. the left and right side of the Cab, just behind the Headrests on each seat.. Vhf on the Divers side and Uhf on the Passenger side... I designed and installed a Microphone Switch Setup that is inside the Center Console, and plugged into the Microphone Port on BOTH Radios, with the Switch mounted try the Front Edge near the Top, and installed an RJ45 Panel Mount Jack on the Common Contacts of the Switch. The single Microphone is used for BOTH Radios, with the Switch, used to select which Radio is being operated. Drivers side is Vhf/Uhf Radio, and Passenger Side is for HF/6Meter Radio... Works really slick... I keep the other Microphone, coiled up next to the T/R Units, as a spare, incase of a Mic Failure, or broken Wire.... For Antennas we have a Mag-mount DualBand Vhf/Uhf Antenna that is feed with a 20Ft run of RG58U, from the T/R Unit thru a Rubber Grommeted Hole in the Rear of the Cab, just below the Rear Window. This allows us to lay the Antenna down in the bed of the Truck, when leaving it parked, so as to NOT draw attention to the Installations... Right now the HF Antenna is a Super KW Trucker CB Antenna, that I bought at a Truck Stop in Utah, when I was down at my brother's place, installing the HF Radio... I needed something to use for the trip back to Seattle, in a hurry, and that thing was only $50US.... It is mounted on a Movable Bed Rail Device that fits into the Trucks Bed Rail System, and can be unattached, and laid in the bed as the Vhf/Uhf antenna. I have a 80-10 Meter Mobile Antenna waiting for me to pick up in Seattle, next time I go down to drive the Truck, which lives in Seattle, and is our FlatLander Ride... I would like to get an Aluminum Canopy for the Truck, bond that to the Truck Frame, and mount the HF Mobile Antenna on a Ball & Spring Lay-down Mount on the Canopy... That is the Plan for this spring,when we go on vacation to the FlatLands in April... Of course we both take out Kenwood TH-D72a Handheld Vhf/Uhf Radios with us when traveling...
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    I'll get some pics, but:
    Go Box is a Kenwood TS-480sat HF radio and a QYT-8900 VHF/UHF mobile in a 2U rack case. Also has a 32 amp switching power supply, or can rum from 12 volts. Includes a computer and Signalink for digital HF modes. Tied on is a Chameleon HYBRID MINI with 60' of 1/16" stainless cable, 50' of RG-8X, 100' dacron 5/32" rope, and a 50' extension cord.
    The Bronco runs a TS-480HX with the head dash mounted and the radio in the rear cargo area feeding a Chameleon HYBRID with a V-1L whip, no tuner. Also a Kenwood TM-V71a V/UHF mobile with the head mounted above the rearview mirror. Under the dash lives a Vertex VXD-7200 DMR/Conventional UHF mobile.
    The car has a QYT-8900D feeding a Comet B-10 antenna. The wifes Jeep has a TM-V71a feeding a Comet B-10.
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    Still working on the mobile setup. but so far it consists of a Yaesu FT8800 feeding an MFJ1724B, and an Alinco DX70T feeding a Tarheel screwdriver antenna...6m is in the works (antenna-wise) and debating on Packet for 2m mobile.
    Wife has 2m, 220 and 70cm in her vehicle...but she only has a tech ticket. I have an HTX-10 for her, but she doesn't want more antennas *sigh*
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