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    I was talking with my dear friend, Dee, this morning and mentioned how offensive the image of "Survivalist" is to me, conjuring visions of an over-weight nija wanna-be in camouflage, load-bearing vest filled with magazines and secret ninja shit, digging a root-cellar and packing it with ammo and guns and nuclear warning stuff and gas-masks, and faraday cages and everything that Refuge place runs on sale, maybe getting our own TV reality show ":Nut-case Paranoids Living Among Us". Nor do I especially like the term "Preppers" it is so freaking cliche. Seen a dozen threads on "What are you prepping for"...well duh!
    We have decided upon the term "Modern Pioneers". We are revisiting and learning the skills needed to produce foods, to preserve them, to build shelters and power them using what God gave us and our backs, hands and brains. Skills that have become archaic are now ever more important and we are relearning them and teaching them and sharing them. Once this system finally collapses, and it will collapse, what rebuilds will require the same skills and trades and mind-set that our original pioneers used. We have many more efficient tools available to us, but the principals are the same. I am a pioneer. I will do whatever is necessary to see myself, family, and friends through hard times. We will circle the wagons and fight off marauders when needed, we will pray together and we will help heal our wounds and illnesses.
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    Realistically? I don't care what they call me, survivalist, prepper, new pi, modern pi, as long as they don't call me a Hillary supporter.
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    I think we would both like to see the Modern Pioneer movement expand. Since people seem to like acronyms - MPs. Pioneers in the new world. I've always thought of myself as a pioneer woman and now I can say that as such, I am part of a movement.

    If we're not willing to build the new world to suit our values then we will have to settle for what someone else deems appropriate for us and look what the result of that passivity has been in the past.
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    Modern Pioneers is a good one. I describe myself as a Homesteader when the need arises.
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    Ya mean like this
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    Thinkin with the followers of a certain religion having permission to be cannibals

    they would be very happy with runnin into him?
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    I tell my friends that I'm a person who's believe in something called s--- has helped the fan and I better have something for it .
    I also tell them that I have lived through two hurricanes and a couple of bad winter storms along with a few other things that went wrong so I tell that I want to have a little cushion for those time s
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    Him? I thinks that's a her....

    Ladies what do you say?

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    Some body really needs to be on the FatBody program!!!
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    I like to think of my self As a sort of Pioneer with my life style choice! I have seen death up close and real personal, I have watched a few countries tear them selves apart, I have even seen my own country destroy it's self from with in! With all of my life experiences, I have chosen to live where I do, and how I do with the sole intent to survive as long as I can with out outside aid! I like to think of how my family came to 'merica back in the 1800's, they had just enough to load into two wagons and to slowly make there way west, finally settling in Orygun! They built a small home on 180 acres and raised 7 children, all with what they had brought with them in those wagons! They were dirt poor, they grew or raised all of there food, and sold what was left over to be able to afford seed or live stock or cloth, or..............what ever they needed! It all started with two wagons loaded down with every thing needed to make a start, My Family and I should be able to at least equal this achievement!!!
  11. DKR

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    someone beat ya to it...

    Modern Pioneer Magazine

    Modern Pioneer | Durable goods for home and camp

    Modern Pioneer

    Short story
    Years ago the UofA (Tucson) was having trouble filling seats in the Anth 101 class set. The Dean asked for help from the students in the program - one wit suggested a name change for the entry-level class.

    so, Anthropology 101 - the study of stone age people and their lifestyles,,,, became - Post Atomic Attack Survival 101.
    They went from a small classroom under the football stadium to one of the larger auditoriums. Sadly, 3 years later, the name reverted to the more mundane title.

    Moral of the story - words mean things. To different people, the same word may mean very different things.

    If people ask me - I tell them I'm cautious, not paranoid. When they inquire further, I just point them to the disaster de jour - right now it could be the floods in LA or the fires burning in CA.

    After all -- I'd much rather be a disappointed pessimist than a horrified optimist....
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    I twitch at MP.... Military Police......:ROFLMAO:
  13. RightHand

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    I guess it doesn't bother me because when I was growing up, the MPs were very good to me. More then once they would load my bicycle in the back of their truck and drive me home when it started to rain. Of course, my dad was the post's commanding officer so that might have had something to do with their generosity and caretaking
  14. Yard Dart

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    Sorry to thread drift.....and yes post commanding officers family members wear those star's as well..... :whistle:
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    I long ago reached the conclusion that our Nation as a Free Republic, ceased to exist when the Oligarchy killed President Kennedy. We are allowed to vote ourselves a few luxuries, we are allowed to own firearms, read that again, the part about being "Allowed". Do you not see something wrong with that? Allowed to exercise a "Right"? Soon it becomes a Priviledge, like owning machine guns. If you can pass their permission criteria and afford to pay a ridiculous tax and wait months for their approval, then they allow you to exercise that "Right"....I truly believe that our Republic, as a free Nation, cannot exist with the present population and infrastructure. Some of us may escape, fly under the radar, but sooner or later, they catch up and you become another Bundy, Branch Davidian, Randy Weaver, and it's Wounded Knee all over again. The only hope for our Nation is to burn it down to the ground and rebuild but problem with that is that the oligarchy will direct the reconstruction, just like they did after the War of Northern Aggression and the circle starts again.
    Time to circle the wagons, folks.
  16. chelloveck

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    Regardless of the label one chooses for oneself, the name will be belittled, ridiculed, trivialized, discounted etc etc, by those who neither understand nor share the ethos and core values of those who adopt or are given the label. Reality TV shows featuring "New Pioneers" will inevitably focus on the goofy, the bizarre, the extreme, etc....because it makes for more compelling viewing than self assured folk who have their sH1t in one sock, and who are unfazed by life's challenges.

    But then some folk....i'm "special" and defy pigeonholed description. ;)

    The meaning of a particular word is not immutable, (as much as same sex marriage opponents might suggest to the contrary) the same word can have different meanings to people at different times in history.

    Modern pioneer??? There is nothing particularly modern, or even pioneering, with regard to what is proposed in the OP. They are tried and tested beliefs and practices pioneered and bedded down in American culture long ago....These days they are a way of life for some people, and a novelty to others. Retro Pioneer???? Sounds like 1950's Formica kitchen furniture. ;)

  17. VHestin

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    I've found that people understand the label 'homesteader' than they do any of the others. And yes, there are those who will belittle what they won't understand, and I'm one of those who don't give a BLEEP what any one else thinks...they dont' have to answer for what I do, anymore than I have to answer for what they do.
  18. OldDude49

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    thing is many seem to want try to make you me n everyone else that ain't them responsible for their problems...
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  19. Brokor

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    SO TRUE. ;)
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    That is the explanation that I give. I am prepared for just in case. A few have opened a few doors that should not be opened and I always give the example that if I get hurt and the kids are on their own for a few months without my income, they can still eat and will still be warm. My kids will not have to spend money on food or fuel. I am no different then my mom or grandparents, they had a few things set aside for a hard winter or hard times.
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