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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by monkeyman, Feb 7, 2006.

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    Tina has been thinking about getting another hand gun but she has taste that far out reach our budget. She dosent much care for revolvers and dosnt have the hand strength to do well at drawing the slide on most semi autos. She used to have a teck 9mm (dont remember the modle but it was the one with the mag ahead of the trigger guard and based on the full auto pistol) that she got a hell of a deal on about 15 years ago for $500 (figure couldnt touch one now under $1000 most likely) and liked it because of the charging knob on it that made it so she could rack it easier. Unfortunatly her youngest step son was a POS and stole the guns to sell off and the cops recovered it but melted it down rather than allow her to claim it.
    So the question is, is there anything available as an after market that any of you know of that you could put on a slide in the way of a chargeing knob or anything in the way of a MUCH more affordable handgun that would have a similar design as far as how its racked?
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    No, but the Heritage Stealth 9 is a blowback

    and it's compact and light enough for ccw, yet controlable in rapidfire. Take a look at Beretta's "Cheetah" 380, which has the same "pop up" barrel as the Beretta .25, .22lr, and .32 pocket autos. Such guns can be loaded and unloaded without moving the slide.
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