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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by dragonfly, Nov 1, 2011.

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    I've looked at those "kits" where you "cut off" the bolt handles, drill and tap into the bolts and screw another handle to them...and the scope mounts...SHEESH!
    On ebay, I found the real scopes and a whopping $500-$600 each! YIKES!
    I am going to modify all 3 of mine, by stripping the bolt assy's, then heating up the bolt tangs and bending them into the proper angles. Then I can cut the ball ends away and add additional metal to the original, and then I can re-weld the ball ends back into place.
    As for those scope mounts, I have heard HORROR stories! 2-3 shots and off the scope goes! No way am I going to try to use the rear sight pin to hold a scope down! I'll take my rifles to friend with a mill and I'll cut away the stocks, just as the original "sniper versions" had, and put on an angular plate. 3 bolts into the receiver will hold it in place over the bolt. It may not be original by any means, but for what they are asking for a "kit" is ludicrous and they are pretty sad!
    I can attach a "rail" on top of the angle for securing a large scope with no worries about it flopping around. It may not be great, but it'll be a lot more secure than what I have seen so far! Now I only have to decide if I want to use stainless, black iron, or aluminum, for the angle.
    For the bolt handle extensions, I can use any good quality 3/8 inch diameter steel, cold rolled being preferred.
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    Simply bending the existing bolt handle may not give enough leverage. It's simply too short. That's why the kits and the original Sniper Mosins had longer bent handles.
    I am currently working with a 'scout' mount using the rear sight base - having trouble keeping it solid, but have a new idea for a shim to try out. And Blue Loctite.
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    In one of my Aussie mags they were selling M-Ns with the bolt moved to the rear of the receiver. Yes, this requires that the right rear receiver ring be cut away and a new bolt handle be welded on, but I think Precision Mag had photos of someone doing the same here as well. No one doing it commercially that I know of.
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    Long eye relieve scope with homemade mount seems to work for the one I have in the closet !!
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    if you search ebay for moison nagant scope mount you will find many that look like this
    they "work" if you don't touch the it after the thing is mounted with a scope or reddot. you see the cap screws on the side is where the the pivot pin for the rear site was removed these cap screws on the side go into the same holes and the cap screw from the top just to the left of the side cap screws is so close that it can't appose the force from the two to the right, thus this is a poor of design that it will not hold a zero for long.
    the second top cap screw to the right is just over the place where the spring is slipped into the site base, so this was modified to pull down the scope mount and hold it tight.
    first I made a hard/springy steel insert the same size as the first 3/4" of the spring to fit into the site base slot, (the one the site spring is in when you raise the rear sight), I then mounted the scope mount and removed the mid top cap screw and marked the spot below on the part I just made. and then I counter sunk the hole for a smaller screw to fit below the level of the scope mount so that it would not contact any rings that are put on to the scope mount. and then drill and tap the spot marked into part, this will pull down the scope mount and the top cap screw to the right or other end of the side cap screws will push up and can set the scope mount to level with the barrel.
    (I did not anneal or remove the temper/spring from that spot and I ruined a tap)
    but the scope mount now works and holds Zero. now it is not such a "good" deal if you count labor to make it work.
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    This works for me

    I too have used Long Eye Relief scopes on my MN. Picked up a NcStar (spelling) pistol scope and mounted a standard Pic rail, after removing the rear sights, over the spot the rear sight was mounted. Just tapped it out and screwed her in place. Also shortened the barrel, thus removing the front sight (could not see it anyway with these aging eyeballs) and topped it off by adding an SKS muzzle break to the barrel. Works really well as a scout rifle.

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