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    this mafia dude comes home one night and finds his wife in bed with another man. in disgust he shoots them both.
    the cops come and arrest him and soon he is up on a double murder charge.
    once the jury is picked and the trial starts, he asks his lawyer to see if any of the jury members can be bribed.
    the lawyer finds a likely candidate whom the lawyer approaches with a bribe, all the jurist has to do is get the rest of the jury to find the mafia guy guilty of involuntary manslaughter and he will get $100,000.
    the jurist accepts happily.
    the trial goes on for days and finally the closing arguments are heard.
    the jury goes out to deliberate.
    hours pass, then a whole day, the mafia guy is starting to get a bit worried.
    finally the jury reaches a verdict after 3 days of deliberation. everyone is called into the courtroom.
    the foreman delivers a verdict of "Guilty of involuntary manslaughter"
    the mafia guy is elated and lets himself be escorted off to prison for an easy 5 year sentence
    after a few weeks the prisoner asks his lawyer to tell the jurist to come visit him in prison, he would like to thank him personally
    a few days later the jurist shows up during visiting hours
    "oh man im so glad you did that for me." the prisoner says," you must have worked real hard to get them to agree, it took 3 days didnt it?"
    "yeah," the jurist says," i was the only one that wanted that verdict and i had to talk and argue til my jaws ached and my throat was raw."
    "the rest of them probably wanted to hang me eh?" the prisoner says.
    "no, they all wanted to acquit you."
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