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    My 12 year old 17" flat screen KDS CRT monitor is going belly up. If I smack it just right, it stabilizes and works for a while longer, but the working intervals are getting shorter and shorter. The screen size is right for me, no need to cover a wall.

    I haven't much of a clue about the newer displays. What do I want, LCD, LED, or something else? All it has to do is display in all indoor lighting conditions. Resolution to see font size 6 without zooming is highly desirable.
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    What you want for LONG Term use, is an LCD that is Backlit with LEDs. No Florescent Tubes to die in 5 years, and very Power conservative. Many run on 12Vdc using an external Power Supply, that Plugs into Grid Power. My opinion.... YMMV....
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    Check out
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