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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by wrc223, Oct 3, 2011.

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    Okay, so I happen to aquire a Spikes Tactical stripped lower. This winter I will be lookin to make something of it. What......well, I just dont f*%@!&# know. I already have the AR bases covered (long barreled, standard barrel and carbine barreled) but for the price of this lower from a friend who has a gun shop ($50 for me) how could I pass that up?
    So, I wanna make a Monkey gun. Toss out ideas for me to do and I will make it happen. Of course I have final say as to what I will do because I have to stay within NYS law. They frown on the REALLY fun stuff. However, I still have plenty of leeway as to what I can do so toss your ideas out there and give me something to work with.
    I want ideas for everything, stock, barrel, furnature, and the trimmins to make the thing work how you think your idea should (scopes, sights, lights, whatever). This will be a W.I.P. over the next few months with a target completion date of Feb. 15th.
    When I am done I will post pics and a range report.
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    I was hoping you were gonna say you had a hookup on Monkey stripped lowers :-(.

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    for S&G I love to see a
    5.7x28mm SBR 11" AR57 upper with 6 position collapsible stock and a holographic sight like EOTech XPS2-2


    one in a pistol caliber that starts with a 4 and ends with a 5 :)

    Just glad it's not my money as I probably couldn't decide myself.
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    Long barrel, standard barrel, carbine barrel...

    How about a 14.5" pencil barrel with a permenantly attached flash suppressor to make it 16". Free float with a Troy TRX Troy BattleRail TRX Standard 13"|BattleRail Accessories|BattleSlings|Sling Accessories|Sling Mounts|Troy Industries| | handguard and a low profile gas block will hide under it. The Troy rail is smaller in diameter than your average rail, so it doesn't feel like you are holding onto a full sized beer keg like all the other rails I've ever used. You can attach different size picatinny rail sections to it at any location around, fore and aft. It is a very light rail.

    As for the stock- Ace Ltd ARFX-E. A lightweight, extremely short skeletonized stock, it is quick to handle and very solid. No plastic stocks here- when you shoot the ARFX with just a tee shirt on, you will get a couple of horizontal red lines on your shoulder from it (if you are doing your part and holding it tight in, that is).

    No optics for this rifle, just irons. So, add folding sights of your choice (I have the Magpul BUIS on my lightweight rifle) because everybody seems to see things differently...

    Same for the pistol grip- they are like tatoos. Only you can say wich one you like the most. Again, on my lightweight rifle, I have a Magpul grip with the integrated triggerguard.

    Viola! About the lightest rifle you can get without composite structural components. Nice and light but still very solid! I've been shooting mine exclusively for a couple of months now, and don't feel like going back to a heavy barrel any time soon.

    Anyway, that's my [2c]
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    I love the idea of a pistol caliber like .45 but the biggest issue in NY is magazines. I cant get my hands on mags for it.

    .50 BMG............hmmmmmm, that would probably piss the wife off. Let me ponder that for a bit.
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    you can get it with 10 rounders for them states that don't know you can swap a mag in under 2 seconds.
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    STainless steel bbl with 1-7 twist for the heavy slugs if you can or do shoot them. I'd not use less than 1-8 at any rate. Since you will be shooting only semi auto the bbl will last a lot more than the 5K rounds batted about for military barrels.

    Get a flat top, and mount a 1-4X scope and zero at 200 yds. You will have a capable 300 yd rifle. It will hit a lot further than that, but lack of bullet expansion will be a factor in stopping power.

    Ball loads work well enough out to 200 yards or so, but you might want to reolad some 68-75 grain match slugs for good effect.

    Good luck
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    You'd probably need to build a .50 BMG on a .308 lower, no? The 5.56/multi lowers don't have magwells big enough for those longer rounds IIRC.

    If I were in your situation and had the cashflow, I'd build a precision AR around the 6.5 Creedmoor (which would also require the .308 lower). The Creedmoor is turning out to be a ridiculously accurate round.
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    I have a design for an integrally suppressed M4 congig that doesn't increase the over-all length of the weapon
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    A lot of the .50 BMG uppers do not use the magwell for ejection nor loading, take a look at this. Most are single shot uppers but some are magazine feed through the upper on the left side.
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    I know this is an old thread but by next weekend the new AR will be finished.
    I ended up using the Spikes tactical lower for the .50 Beowulf because next to caliber it says "Multi" and since I used the Beo for hunting, I didnt want something marked 5.56mm shooting a .50 Beo. (NYS DEC may take issue with stupid details like that).
    So I ended up using the Bushmaster lower for this build.
    I built a 20" bull barrel flat top upper. Extended latch charging handle, 4-18x50mm scope, single stage 3lb trigger, A-2 stock.
    The only thing I am waiting for now is the free float handguard to arrive so I can install the swivel stud and do final fitting of the upper assembly before coating.
    By week after next I should be able to post pics and range report.
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    Look forward to it!
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