Monkey Speak (TeamSpeak) Installation Procedure

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    This procedure is written as basic as possible so that anyone with any level of computer experience can get TeamSpeak loaded and running. Once this is completed all you have to do is connect a mic and earpiece to your computer and you are in business.

    First thing is to find out if your computer is a 32 or 64 bit operating system. Click Start, right click Computer and then click Properties. Look at System – System type for your operating system.

    Now you are ready to click the link below.

    Downloads - TeamSpeak

    I am going to set up a Windows system and not sure if the other operating system setups are the same.

    Click Download for your operating system and a small window will come up. Click Save File and save to your desktop. Click the new TeamSpeak icon on your desktop to get started. A window may come up that says “A program needs your permission to continue”, if so click Continue.

    A Setup Wizard window should come up, click Next as needed here and below.
    The License Agreement comes up and you have to scroll down through the terms before the “I accept the terms of the License Agreement” box can be checked.
    Choose Users - You want it set for “Install for anyone using this computer”.
    Choose Install Location – Use the default.
    Choose Configuration Location - You want it set for “Recommended: Save in users own files”.
    Install Overwolf - DO NOT check the “Install Overwolf” box.
    Choose Start Menu Folder - Click Install.
    After installation Completed Setup Wizard - Leave the “Run TeamSpeak 3 Client” box checked, click Finish.
    TeamSpeak comes up along with a License agreement. Scroll down until “I accept” can be selected.

    TeamSpeak wizard comes up to complete your setup.
    Choose Your User Name - Type in your Monkey name.
    Microphone Settings – Select “Push To Talk” then “No Hot Key Assigned”. Now select the key you want to push to activate your mic.
    Test Your Microphone – Connect your mic, press your hot key and talk. You should see activity on the indicator meter. Ignore the part in the Tip that says “Begin Test”, It’s not there.
    Useful Key Bindings – Go to next page.
    Select Sound Pack – Go to next page.
    All Done! – Uncheck all boxes and click Finish.

    In the TeamSpeak window click Connections. Put in the Server Address box and click Connect. It should connect and you should see your name under the Shout Box. There should be a dark blue circle to the left of your name. If not and there is a blue box with a white X in it then you need to click the same larger symbol in the left hand side in the tool bar. That should change the symbol to a circle. Press your hotkey and the circle should turn light blue. Connect your headset and you’re on. To disconnect click Connections and click Disconnect from Current.

    For any technical questions go to: Shout Box - Voice / Monkey Speak TS3 Open Beta | Survival Forums .

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    I am on this like a monkey on a banana!
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    I downloaded the TeamSpeak 3 client to my Downloads. Next, I renamed the file to because I hate long, ridiculous file names. I next navigated in terminal to my Downloads directory where the file is located.

    Then, I ran the code just like Sec Monkey posted:
    bash --md5
    The TeamSpeak client will now be in the same directory as your .run file -you should see a directory called "TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64" or whatever version you are running. Open this directory and a file "" will be inside. Double click this or open your preferred way. Done. Now, follow the setup and get into the chat room!


    Now, what I did, was copy the directory to the location I wanted on my HD and created a shortcut from the file onto my desktop. Alternatively, you could copy the entire directory onto your desktop and run from there manually. I was having trouble scrolling through the annoying license agreement, and I finally started pressing (ENTER) and the 'Y' key and mashing buttons until it got to the part where I could type 'q' and then a screen to accept by typing 'y' and enter as indicated. SUCH A PAIN. But, it worked, finally.

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    Enjoyed the channel... Great Job...
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    I will not be participating, until the Server used, is on a Monkey Secured Site.... Encryption doesn't mean a thing if the Server, is not Secured....Just my personal preference....
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    Teamspeak is meant for fun so you can just bullshit with others here. Not meant as any kind of secured communications.
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    If that is the case, why have encryption in the first place.....
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    That is fine. That is your choice. No real big surprise.

    @Mountainman & @Witch Doctor 01 it has been a pleasure chatting with your both. Also enjoyed talking to some other monkeys. We have some really good, decent people here.

    And to the member that I spoke with the other night, I truly appreciate you sharing information on solar power systems & chatting about grafting trees. Good info shared.
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