Monkeys beware...the DOJ could come after you for posting

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Use a Computer, Go to Jail -

    Unless you work for some super-secret govt. agency, almost everything you do at work could be construed as illegal if you can't prove it was directly related to work.
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    saw wheat!
    Now i can be glad for our big brother internet monitoring and proxy server at the office.

    I can't do s**t at work including my job some days.
    So, I'm safe as every site that I'd visit at night is classified at work as shopping, guns, content server, blog, social or porn.

    So, DOJ has nothing on me.

    but you do notice that as they pass more and more 'Laws' sooner or later even late Mother Theresa is considered a criminal. Then they will no longer be an Innocent free man.
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    I can't say that I disagree with that prosecution, or even with the principle being addressed in the article. The fellow facing prosecution, and his co-conspirators, knew that what they were doing was ethically wrong, even if they were naive enough to believe that it was legal.

    When I was a supervisor, I was a bit of a Nazi (in the opinion of some). I had this silly idea that when you were at work, you were supposed to be working. I further believed that your time belonged to the person paying your salary (in my case, the U.S. taxpayer). If I caught one of my people using his computer to play games or peruse the internet while he was on duty, I would find him something to do which was infinitely less enjoyable than what he was supposed to be doing in the first place. I always tried really hard not to interfere with someone's off time; but when they were at work, I expected them to work.

    If I still had anyone working for me, I'd still be the same way. As it is now, my wife is the boss, and I'm just an underpaid lackey. Uh-oh! I hear the boss coming. Gotta go!
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    I don't disagree with your argument.

    However, as we have seen with other well intentioned laws, the point here is that the govt. can pick and choose who they prosecute for an inane infraction.

    For example, if a person is critical of the administration, the DOJ may go after the person. However, if a person is your typical liberal, they might look the other way.

    It has to do with the people in power and their sense of what constitutes a major infraction.

    I recall seeing a lot of Bush jokes in the workplace during the last administration, and the first time I saw an Obama one, the supervisor stated there were to be no political jokes....and he was the main culprit of Bush jokes.

    Rules can be used any way you want...especially when you truly do see a difference in the above example.
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    Misusing someone else's property can get you in trouble when it also involves a crime, such as child exploitation (for example, child pornography).

    Maybe the counter measure it to do what you are paid to do during working hours and when using company property.

    Just an idea.
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    Can they tell when you're playing Solitaire? If so i know some folks in deep doo-doo....
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    My Dog.
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    Tomorrow I am going to visit websites featuring midget on midget porn and purple sweatpants with green waistbands. All day for 8 hours. I will burn a vacation day and let my boss know what I am up to.


    I want to see how that one will play out in court after lawyers have fun twisting it.
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    Hey WRC, I can't see exactly what your Marshmallow Man is roasting over the fire... Hopefully it is Chuckie Cheese Schummer, but it just isn't clear, to these Old Eyes.... . seesaw
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