Monkey's birthday dinner request

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Hanzo, May 24, 2014.

  1. Hanzo

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    So after spending quite a few hours frolicking in the waves, I had to get the monkey's birthday dinner ready. I let them request whatever they want on their birthdays. So my new teenage monkey asked for daddy's tacos and nachos.

    Except for the chips and taco shells, cheese and sour cream, everything was made from scratch.

    Salsa was blended. A first for me. I like chunky, but wanted to try using the Nutribullet. It only saved a little time. And guacamole.


    Ever see Mexican food made in a wok?


    Monkeys prefer chicken.


    For the adult palate, shrimp tacos.


    Nachos with everything.


    And the always popular waaaay too much chocolate chip and sea salt bannock birthday cake.

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  2. Hanzo

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    In monkey's favorite heart shaped pan.
  3. kellory

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    That's because she will be a heart- breaker when she is older. She is in training now. ;)
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  4. Jeff Brackett

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    Mouth is watering. I love me some Mexican food.

    Oh, and happy birthday to the birthday girl. ;)
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