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    I predict that it won't go anywhere, Monsanto has too much money to be successfully prosecuted.
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    It is good to know someone is trying @Gray Wolf!
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  6. UncleMorgan

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    I hate Monsanto's greasy guts. It's time and past time they were held accountable for their criminal activities.

    If it's made by Monsanto I don't buy it. Period.
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    Notice when the so-called MONSANTO BILL went through CONgress, NO ONE would admit to being a signer or co-signer?! Yet it passed easily and Obummer signed it right away.
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    Yes @Legion489. Now they have passed something where we have no right to know where OUR meat comes from. Who does this crap? I hope people buy localy.

    The closest town from us that has a city council are mad as wet hens. One of the councilman hollered," come and buy from me." So, that is what most of the town is doing.
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