"Monsanto Protection Act"

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    'Monsanto Protection Act' to be voted on by Congress — RT USA

    "If the provision is approved this week, biotech companies won’t have to wait for federal approval to test and plant laboratory-made crops, instead being allowed to carry on with even selling such crops until the government elects to tell them otherwise.
    The provision would strip federal courts of the authority to halt the sale and planting of an illegal, potentially hazardous GE crop while the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) assesses those potential hazards,” explains a letter to the House that has been signed by dozens of food businesses and retailers, as well as interest groups and agencies representing family farmers. “Further, it would compel USDA to allow continued planting of that same crop upon request, even if in the course of its assessment the Department finds that it poses previously unrecognized risks.”
    The group Food Democracy Now has started a campaign on their own and is asking opponents of the bill to sign on with an amendment to the appropriations bill, the DeFazio Amendment, which would ensure that judicial oversight will continue to apply to GMOS.
    The Farmer Assurance Provision, says the group, “strips the rights of federal courts to halt the sale and planting of genetically engineered crops during the legal appeals process.”
    “The judicial review process is an essential element of US law and serves as a vital check on any Federal Agency decision that may negatively impact human health, the environment or livelihoods. Yet this provision seeks an end-run around such judicial review by preemptively deciding that industry can set its own conditions to continue to sell biotech seeds, even if a court may find them to have been wrongfully approved.”
    In the letter undersigned by the ACLU, National Organic Coalition and others, the signees say,
    “Far from safeguarding farmers, the only parties whose interests are ‘assured’ by this rider are those of GE crop developers.”

    Food Democracy Now | Stop the Monsanto Protection Act!
    Activist Post: Stop the 'Monsanto Protection Act' Today
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    I really didn't need more proof the USDA(and FDA) are crap. I found out Mosanto's HQ is in Missouri which made me change my mind about moving there. I will just keep buying nonGMO seeds and food, and wait for Monsanto to self-implode whilst I pray for karma to bite them bigtime.
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    Adult language warning.
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    They coasted the MPA through while everyone was busy chasing the *SQUIRREL!* that is same-sex marriage. The reason that little issue will never get resolved is because .gov can leverage it as a distraction when they need to push something else through with no one looking.
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