Montana House Bill 633 will require members of the media to obtain a $100 permit & a release waiver

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Mar 29, 2015.

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    ......Looking like fools.
    The proposed bill allows the cops to have complete control of the recorded footage, in raw form and as finished copy prior to release. If it is "unfavorable" to the image of that law enforcement group, it will not be released to the public.
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    Looks like Montana has gone Cali.
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    Not yet. Lots of stupid stuff gets proposed, by every wacko lobby. They will not have earned their "Batshit" award, unless they vote it into law. Then, stupidity becomes it's own reward.
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    Amazing. I suppose the idiot who introduced this has actually READ the constitution? Hopefully, those who vote on this bill actually UNDERSTAND the constitution. There was little which was more precious to our founding fathers than a free press. When you start throttling the press, a tyranny has been born.
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    That idiot is a Republican, which just goes to show you that most politicians these days have no other defining feature other than treating the populace as both an enemy and source of tax revenue to fund their personal schemes. Parasites . . . nothing more, and should be stepped on accordingly.
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    Makes me wonder what some LEO has that he doesn't want released?
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    Dale Mortensen, former LEO. That explains everything. Dale Mortensen - Ballotpedia

    @CATO is that idiot Republican related in any way to this guy? Greg Mortenson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Because if he is, it would not surprise me one bit. What a character. Perfect CIA puppet. Former U.S. Army medic stationed in Germany, he's a millionaire with political and government ties, has wealthy parents, grew up in Tanzania and speaks Swahili. He is a co-founder of his own non-profit money laundering terrorist organization, sorry --charity. His book, Three Cups of Tea is a NY Times best seller, and there is much controversy about his truthfulness concerning the details of the book. He also cannot spend money correctly, and received a hefty amount of money from the "charity", some of which, over a million dollars, had to be repaid and he was ordered to step down from the Board as a result. The icing on the cake is that he is focused on creating schools for girls in third world countries and funding these types of ventures. As a result, the Army has asked for his help in the Middle East, especially Pakistan, and he is very well educated in their traditions. Just his awards and honorary degrees alone, which are rather extensive, should send up flags.

    Update Pakistan | Video |

    You can tell how soft spoken he is in the video. He's definitely a mover and shaker.
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    So I guess in Montana you have to have plenty of witnesses all of whom have impeccable credibility.
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