Moon shrinking? Now?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bnmb, Aug 19, 2010.

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    LOL...This is a good one!

    \Moon may be shrinking, but very, very slowly - Technology & science - Space -

    And then they say:

    "The study calls the scarps "evidence of recent thrust faulting on the moon." But this is planetary science, where "recent" can mean a billion years ago."

    Really? Sooo...Billion years, huh? Those scarps were there 100 years ago too? And with all the telescopes, "lunar missions" and satellites, they didn't see them until NOW? And the Moon is the most explored space body?
    Just how big that Moon is when they needed 50 years to look at it? And considering that only one side is visible to us...WTF?
    And what a coincidence that is? First Saturn and Jupiter loose their rings, then temperature on Saturn rises 30 (!) degrees, then all the Earth climate goes to hell, planes fall from the sky every day, earthquakes at highest numbers ever, holes opening throughout the globe, and now scarps (old billions years?!) are freshly discovered, and the Moon is active and it SHRUNK 100 meters? Did someone peed on it, so it shrunk???

    ...Never mind...all is well and there's no problems in the World...back to slumber "Homo Sapience"'ll be known pretty soon as "Homo Idioticus"...

  2. ghrit

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    Have you had a brain scan lately? Might also be some shrinkage there. Geez.
  3. Brokor

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    LOL and SUV's on Earth are causing the polar ice caps to melt on Mars and Jupiter!!!
  4. bnmb

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    Oh, really? And why is that? I didn't made up anything I wrote there. Those were all "scientific" facts from US sources. Or is my logic about the discovery of "billion years old" scarps faulty?
    No problem...I'll go scan my brain...for a long brain, no pain.
  5. ghrit

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    Whether you made it up or not is immaterial, totally so. The whole concept falls flat for me when I try to figure out what relevance it has to survival. The same thing can be said about a lot of posts, perhaps even more than the lion's share. Politics, religion, humor will all affect getting thru a disaster, even if not directly related to driving a tent peg. All are on a continuum of relevance, but as far off topic as they are, moon shrinkage is way out in space comparatively. Some things just don't matter.
    By the way, when do you sleep?
  6. bnmb

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    The relevancy to survival would be that if you could predict what dangers might be there, you could better least for me. The Moon shrinkage could be another sign maybe that something bad is coming our way? Maybe yes, maybe no, but I'd sure like to know as much as possible.
    If a star explodes some million light years away, I don't care...but if something is happening to Earth's closest object, I'd sure want to know as much as possible! And this thing is not local or regional, like bad governments or stuff like that...this is global and that's why I'm interested.
    But, problem...I will not be posting anything anymore not connected with strictly survival skills...

    I sleep 2 hours tops...always have...that's how my metabolism is working...
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