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    Some of these videos have been posted here and I have put them together because a thought occurred to me while watching them. In the first video they claim that the structures on the moon had Nazi symbols on them. In another video they talk about the chem trails and how the entire earth has alarmingly toxic levels of mercury, aluminum, fluoride, and other chemicals which react in a synergistic way to kill massive fish, trees, and other life forms which we've all seen in the news. The thought that occurred to me was why would the shadow rulers do this if they and their families were also on this planet? Wouldn't those same toxic materials affect them as well as every other organism? A: Not if they had a way to be outside of those effects. How could they do that?

    There are a few ways. In one of the videos they talk about genetically engineering plants to be resistant to the chemicals but it is highly doubtful that they would experiment on themselves. In another video they talk about the structures on the moon and how the Nazis were there almost a 100 years ago. How did they get there and if that was so long ago we must have surely found easier ways to get there by now. If this is the case then they could sit back and wipe out the population without any worries, which seems to be their attitude.

    There was another video where Dick Cheney stated "we now have the ability to do ANYTHING..." as he smirked and walked away from the journalist who he was talking to. These are of course just links in a chain and not any real proof of anything but they do point in a direction.

    Now one of the other videos linked here talks about the "Venus Affect" where it appears that there used to be life there but it has since become an extremely hot atmosphere. If you put this in context with the chem trails and global climate phenoms and the shadow power's lack of concern for the planet it would seem to suggest that there is another alternative for them...

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    I try not to over-think this. Sure, it's fine to speculate and dream a bit, and there ARE lots of strange phenomena and alien encounters to support a wide range of ideas, but in the end we will only be left with more questions than we started.

    I try my best to concentrate on what IS KNOWN, absolutely and irrefutably at this time --and go from there.

    Why wouldn't the "elite" worry about poisoning this world? Two reasons.

    1. Some of the elite are actually certifiably insane. A few hate humanity so much (Prince Philip) that they even hate themselves, too. All humanity, to them, is a cancer, a disease which must be eradicated.
    2. Ever research deep underground military bases (D.U.M.B.S.)? Yeah, they have this all figured out. Underground cities, some if not all are linked by tunnels and railways? Reality? Yup. Think about it...they can live virtually forever underground.

    And thanks for the videos, Loop. I am gonna watch all of them! =)

    Here's one on UFO's and DUMBS:

    DUMBS starts at about 20:00 into the video.
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    Have any of you guys ever watched the Stargate TV shows? Not the movie, but the television series. In one of them, there's a television show being made about the Stargate program, sponsored and permitted by the top echelon of national security as a psy-op campaign...which is a bit of a punch in the gut if you think about it. Have you ever wondered how much of our own "reality" shown on television was really just a similar move? Maybe it's none, who really knows? It sure would be nice to live in a perfect world, but the more I pay attention to the occurrences around me, the more I tend to lean toward science fiction.
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    Hey man...pass me another obelisk....
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    Ill see your obelisk and raise you a pyramid...
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    Won't fit through the stargate.
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    I have two copies of this game (Illuminati), one brand new, unopened, the other I opened to peruse its wares. :)

    Any of you guys been to Paris and Prague? I've been to both, and you would be interested to see the OBELISKS. On top of the one in Prague, is a golden pyramid with an all seeing eye. Quite interesting. So are the buildings have to be there to see it and understand. =)
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    I would like to go to both Paris and Prague. I will be getting some travelling done in the near future and they are both on the list.
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    @Br0k0r you must have all kinds of free time... just like me because thats a lotta stuff. I'll check out the video you posted tonight but let me know what you think of the first vid specifically.
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    What do I think about the first video you posted? Well, let's just say I have a little bit of experience with extra-dimensional UFO's. As for the religious "Jesus" stuff, I do not subscribe to any of it, sorry. People typically fear the unknown, it's natural. There's no need to jump on the "Jesus Saves" bandwagon and the end of times. The problem with videos like the one you posted (#1), is that there's SOME really useful information, coupled with a BUNCH of garbage (opinionated hogwash). There's just way too much religious dogma, angels and demons, fables and misconceptions. However, the 4th video is very good (secret space). =)

    Details of the sighting:

    1. The UFO sighted did not make any noise at all. No apparent sounds were emanating from the craft.
    2. Total time of the sighting was approximately 20-30 seconds.
    3. Direction UFO travelled was from SW to NE by N.
    4. Place of sighting: (OPSEC).
    5. Time of sighting was precisely 8:30 p.m., EST. Date was March 31, 2000.
    6. Weather was clear night, no precipitation, no fog.
    7. The "blinking" was not timed, it was random, and appeared to be more like a phasing "in and out" of time-space.


    I have a fair amount of experience with meditating/kabbala/high magick/occult. I am fairly certain there is MUCH to this "reality" which is all around us, and most simply cannot see with eyes un-blinded.
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    If only we could decode the messages in crop circles...[tongue]
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    And perhaps call out for an intergalactic pizza, who know what toppings they might have..........
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