Moose Turd Pie

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    This Guy is full of BS, as there are NO Moose in Southern Nevada, along the SantaFe Rails....... I wonder if maybe he got mixed up, and had worked for the Northern Pacific, Great Northern, or the Milwaukee Road... They all had track thru Moose Country.......
  3. I was in Southern Nevada less than a month ago so apparently you don't know as much about mooses as you think. I'll bet that is actually a flat-horned cow in your freezer! moose47.JPG
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    Y'all need to move this piece of crap recipe to the Humor section. Pun intended. Hey, Morty, if ya don't mind I don't think I will ever accept a dinner invitation at your place.[shtf]
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    I clicked on this because "Moose Turd Pie" sounded really good...

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