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    Moras are great. I generally love them and think they are a great value.

    Just received my Kansbol. I got this to try out in the wet. We always get wet when out and about. And I figure it would be great around the ocean too. The Kansbol is a stainless steel offering.

    Like all Moras that I have every received, either through purchase or by gift, this one came very sharp. The sheath is no frills, but no nonsense. It has nice retention and is lightweight. One thing different about the sheath that I like is that the sheath itself can be removed the the belt dangler. The other thing I like is that the spine is sharpened. The 90 degree spine is great for ferro rods and other scraping tasks. I gave one to Bear perhaps to use fishing.

    Most times when I get a knife, my first task is food prep in the kitchen. So the Kansbol helped me make breakfast.

    I had a few leftover shrimp from last night, so shrimp and mushroom omelette today.

    It is not a chefs knife so it will not do all the "chef" tasks. But it is a great slicer!

    The handle was fine even when I deliberately got my hands wet and oily. But the handle is plastic and feels that way. While it is fine, it is not as comfortable as the Mora Companion's handle.

    The blade shape most resembles that on the Mora 2000. The difference being the 90 degree spine on the Kansbol. The Mora 2000 has a more comfortable handle too.

    All in all, another great knife by Mora.

    I had though about getting one for the wifee, but I won't. At least for now. Even though the stainless steel will be helpful when she drops it in water, she already has cheaper Mora's that I am comfortable with her using. And she is comfortable using. She is rough on your bladed tools. I know because I do the clean up and edge repair. With the machete, she will go for it. Rocks be damned. And with her knife... it is just a tool to her. So she will cut, hack, dig and pry with it. Most times she will have the Companion or the Robust on her. Good enough. They hold up very will to wifee use. And for the price of one Kansbol, I can replace 2-3 of her others. So all good.
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    I keep a Mora in the kitchen also. I know it is not a kitchen knife but I use it often. Like your wife, I believe the practice using it makes me more comfortable with the knife. I was told Mora's are almost indestructible so I am putting mine to the test.
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    My wife digs stuff out of the ground with hers when we are out in the woods. I cringe, but no harm. So far. And it's cheap, so no biggie even if there is damage.

    I guess I believe in protecting your tools, so I would cut a digging stick. Different stroke for different folks. Plus she is impatient. So knife in hand...

    Bear said he was going to use his in the garden. So I want to see what he puts his through, I know he was able to do 2,000 cuts through rope with the Mora Companion before it was no longer cutting.
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    That is why I have a Mora. When I decided to buy a knife I relied on his wisdom. He said I could cut dry wall with my Mora if I chose. I believe it could. I will confess, I am much like your wife when using tools.
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