more ammo for the anti-gun crowd

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jul 24, 2011.

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    I wish these people would start using tomatoes to settle their disputes. The anti-2nd A group think everyone with a gun is just an incident like this waiting to happen. The media never discuss hypotheticals such as "If only another citizen had been carrying, maybe this would have ended sooner."

    Police: 6 Killed In Grand Prairie Roller Rink Shooting « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

    La Raza? Could be gang related....
    Local News | 10 wounded as gunfire erupts at Kent car show | Seattle Times Newspaper
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    And here I thought you were going to bring up the Bomber/Shooter in Norway. One 32 year old disgruntled male described as "a right wing Christian fundamentalist". He managed to kill 92 or more. Over 85 of them children, while he was dressed as a police officer.
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    One report I read sais the Norway police took 90 MINUTES to respond...... MAJOR FAIL!!
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    Heard the same. Seems like finding boats to get there messed things up a bit.
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    You know I just can'nt understand people we deal with it all the time and I end up offending people. If a man or a woman has made up their mind to kill someone or a group the gun has nothing to do with it . They would use an ax, ball-bat, bow and arrow, rock, tree limb or even their bare hands. The firearm was the tool the person decided to use. I seen an artical a few months ago that a man took his SUV and ran down 3 or 4 people with it. When ask why he did it with his SUV he told police he was a convicted felon and couldn't possess a fire arm. I didn't see the tree hugers for a killer free world come running out to ban SUV's.
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    That one is need to bring that up. However, I think most Americans will view that as an "over there" kind of thing that doesn't happen here.

    If we started getting bombed like Europe did in the 70s/80s, everything would change.
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    Sadly, I expect events like this shooting here to ramp up as the election cycle nears....... :rolleyes:
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    Yeah I read about the OUTSTANDING prompt response of the Norwegian police. Was telling a friend yesterday about that, and we agree the only person you should rely on for protection is YOURSELF. Out here, we'd have the same response time. And I was thinking, how many people are drowned each year? Let's outlaw water! And don't forget people stabbed to death...let's outlaw knives!
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    As you can probably imagine, where I work is a hotbed for the liberal minded (a University). Apparently it doesn't take much looking at me or listening to me to discern that I am a shooter and very pro 2A - because I hear about it all the time. Whenever something like those two incidents happen, they waste no time attempting to beat me over the head with it. Frankly, I love it. Anyway . . .

    Thus, based on this first hand experience I have learned how to shut down cold the most ardent liberal/communist/socialist/anti-second amendment scum bag. It is a two step process but it only takes a second.

    1) "That crime was not committed by a law abiding citizen. It was committed by a CRIMINAL. Criminal. I trust that you know the definition of that word? Yeah, I know it says 'shooter' or 'gunman' but try fitting 'CRIMINAL' in there without changing anything but that one word, and tell me if it doesn't make more sense."

    2) Are you thinking that criminals obey the law(s)? Say you outlawed guns - completely. Do you think that there would be a line full of criminals turning them in?

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    Actually if people start spouting the words "gun control" or any related ilk to removing or restricting your 2nd amendment rights, try a little of their own medicine: psychology.

    Courtesy of Boston's Gun Bible by Boston T. Party

    If you use any of the first list, the protester against gun ownership or proponent of anti-rights laws automatically loses the moral high ground, because frankly there is none on their side of the debate. The second list is a great way to make another person think, unless of course they are a dyed in the wool lib-tard kool-aid drinking fool. Besides the harder you defend your rights, the harder they will work to take them away so they can gain the sense of moral justification and superiority they obviously need to complete their pitiful existences.
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    I try to wish no harm on anyone but I think that some of them should be taken to high crime areas and locked in a house with all of their possessions and advertise a week in advanse that the new people that moved into the house don't believe in guns. See how quick they change their mind when happy the crackhead comes to pay them a visit.
    (An unarmedd citizen is also known as a victim)
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