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    Major US Ships Underway

    USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) CARRIER
    USS Enterprise (CVN 65) CARRIER
    USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67) CARRIER
    USS Nimitz (CVN 68) CARRIER
    USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) CARRIER
    USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) CARRIER

    Iwo Jima Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG):
    USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7)
    USS Nashville (LPD 13)
    USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41)

    Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG):
    USS Boxer (LHD 4)
    USS Dubuque (LPD 8)
    USS Comstock (LSD 45)

    Essex Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG):
    USS Essex (LHD 2)
    USS Juneau (LPD 10)
    USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49)

    Amphibious Warfare Ships:
    USS Tarawa (LHA 1)
    USS Saipan (LHA 2)
    USS Wasp (LHD 1)
    USS Bataan (LHD 5)
    USS Ponce (LPD 15)
    USS Ashland (LSD 48)

    There are many, many, many more
    US ships underway.
    Every carrier is surrounded
    by many ships that are guarding it
    and besides those there are:

    Supply Ships
    Nuclear Armed Subs
    Attack submarines
    Missile carriers
    Mine Sweepers

    They carry with them
    immense armaments of missiles
    immense armaments of shells for guns
    tens of thousands of personnel
    thousands of aircraft
    (either on board or at deployable bases)

    In addition,
    I told you yesterday,
    that on Tuesday, Oct. 17,
    guided-missile destroyers USS Cole
    guided-missile destroyer USS Bulkeley
    guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea,
    attack submarine USS Albuquerque
    had sailed into the Persian Gulf.

    Last week
    I told you about the

    USS Benfold (DDG 65)
    USS Howard (DDG 83)
    Amphibious Squadron 5,
    the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit,
    Coast Guard Cutter Midgett (WHEC 726)
    the destroyer U.S.S. McFaul,
    the war frigate U.S.S. Nicholas,
    the battle cruiser U.S.S. Leyte Gulf,
    the attack submarine U.S.S. Alexandria,
    and the “fast combat support ship” U.S.N.S. Supply.
    [The U.S.N.S. Supply is not a supply ship -
    it is an exceptionally fast combat ship.]
    Marine Strike Fighter Squadron 251,
    Electronic Attack Squadron 137,
    Airborne Early Warning Squadron 123.
    Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 11.
    Carrier Strike Group 12 (CSG 12)
    Destroyer Squadron 2 (DESRON 2),
    Carrier Air Wing 1 (CVW 1)
    Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 7,
    guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio (CG 68);
    guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage (DDG 61)
    guided-missile destroyer USS Mason (DDG 87);
    fast-attack submarine USS Newport News (SSN 750)

    And that is JUST the US Navy.

    For the first time in years
    joining a US operation
    and its command is a
    Canadian Frigate
    the HMCS Ottawa (FFH 341)

    Meanwhile in the Mediterranean
    intelligence for the theatre of operations
    is being conducted under the command of
    US Vice Admiral J. “Boomer” Stufflebeem,
    (formally titled
    Commander of Joint Task Force Lebanon)
    on board the USS Mount Whitney which has
    the most sophisticated command and control suite
    in the world.
    "... the uniquely advanced C41 command and intelligence system through which
    he can flash intelligence data to every American commander at
    any point between the eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf and Iran."

    There he exercises direct command
    over a task force of
    1,800 sailors, Marines, Air force
    medical and other personnel serving aboard
    the USS Barry,
    the USS Trenton,
    HSV Swift and
    USNS Kanawha

    Also in this Mediterranean armada
    under his command
    are two additional carriers
    of other countries with
    75 fighter-bombers,
    spy planes and helicopters on their decks;

    15 warships of various types –
    7 French,
    5 Italian,
    2-3 Green,
    3-5 German,
    5 American;

    thousands of Marines –
    Italian and
    German, as well as
    1,800 US Marines.

    One of the carriers is
    France’s nuclear-powered 38,000-ton
    Charles De Gaulle carrier,
    40 Rafale M fighter craft
    whose range is 3,340 km and that
    can take off at intervals of 30 seconds.

    The ship also carries
    three E-2C Hawkeye surveillance craft.

    The combat control center
    of the French carrier
    can handle 2,000 simultaneous targets.

    The carrier leads a task force of
    the above mentioned 7 French warships
    carrying 2,800 French Marines.

    The Charles De Gaulle is also
    a floating logistics center
    operating water desalination plants for 15,000 men
    and enough food to feed an army for 90 days.

    The third carrier joining the other two is the:

    Italian aircraft-helicopter carrier Garibaldi,
    which has launch pads for vertical takeoff by
    16 AV-8B Harrier fighter-bombers
    18 Sikorsky SH-3D Seak King sea-choppers
    Italian Agusta Bell AB212 helicopters
    designed to attack submarines and missile ships.

    In addition to these new forces
    all under the above mentioned US Command
    there are the permanently base Mediterranean forces
    such as
    the Italian-based American Sixth Fleet,
    some 15 small Israeli missile ships
    half a dozen submarines and
    the NATO fleet of:
    Greek and
    Turkish warships.

    The British also
    have permanent air and sea bases in Cyprus.

    In a previous newsletter
    I provided you with a link to a map
    showing how all these locations surround Iran.

    What I have listed here
    are just the Naval Forces,
    that are aligned with the US effort.
    I have made no mention
    of the Army and the Air Force.

    It has taken me many hours
    to compile just this list
    which is very far from exhaustive.
    One of the most time consuming parts
    of making and maintaining such a compilation
    is trying to assure that I have no redundancies.
    Sometimes I will receive ten separate lists
    that will include certain ships
    that I have already listed
    but that will have some that I haven't had before.

    Before the addition
    of tens of thousands of naval personnel
    in the last couple of weeks
    from the countries listed here -
    I had an estimate that there were over
    75,000 naval personnel involved.

    We know that there are
    hundreds of thousand of army personnel -
    (and I am talking just about the US
    and its allies)
    in the Middle East.

    The casualties are mounting continuously
    in Iraq.

    This week alone -
    there were over 300 US casualties
    in just one battle alone.
    If you support the war in Iraq -
    or at least the American soldiers
    please take a few minutes
    and read down through these three hundred names
    and say a prayer for them.

    And if your vision is broader
    you might also say a prayer for
    the thousands of Iraqi Police recruits
    who take the brunt of much of that battle
    and what the UN says are 655,000
    mostly civilians
    who have been killed in Iraq
    in retaliation for less than 3,000 Americans
    killed at the WTC on 9/11 -
    which in actuality they had nothing to do with
    because the terrorist pilots came from
    America's ally Saudi Arabia.

    But -
    I digress.
    That is past -
    and what I am talking about is
    the present.
    The current build up
    noted in general in some current magazines
    but probably not on the front page
    of your local paper -
    and not in the detailed manner that I have noted above.

    There will be readers of this newsletter -
    who will say -
    "So what."
    So - those are facts
    but that is irrelevant -
    because it is nothing out of the ordinary.
    Just the normal everyday carrying on
    of the the US Navy.

    In my view -
    it is a matter of timing.
    If Iran had been going to pre-empt
    they should have done it -
    before the Ike arrived yesterday.

    If Israel is going to pre-empt
    I would have thought they would do it
    at the New Moon last night -
    but at least before
    the Enterprise is scheduled to depart
    at the end of this week.

    We can say -
    the ball was in Iran's court -
    but now it is in Israel's court.
    If it leaves Israel's court
    then it will be in Iran's court again -
    without any factor that I am aware of
    that will return it to Israel's court.
    It is like watching a tennis or ping pong match.
    Back and forth.
    Back and forth.

    But I think Bush is about to call the match.
    Unless all the above build-up
    is just to impress the world observers
    and to exercise the troops.
    There is still time for
    an October Surprise.

    People read things like the above
    and then ask that I send them
    some useful information instead.
    here goes.

    When sheltering at home -
    people want to know how much protection
    different materials will give them.
    Here is a little table I have constructed.

    Any material will do -
    even feathers.
    It is the density that counts
    and while I have not calculated
    the number of feet of feathers you would need -
    here are some other equivalents.

    6 inches of lead would do but is too expensive
    and there is nothing magical about lead.
    It is only the density that counts.
    8 inches of steel is the equivalent
    2 feet of concrete will weigh as much
    and is also equivalent.
    That much filled concrete blocks or bricks
    will do about as well
    3 feet of earth is the standard and cheapest
    4 feet of water would be okay -
    but is generally hard to manage.
    Barrels of it would not be as thick
    on the rounded parts -
    so you would need to stagger
    a couple of rows of barrels.
    6 feet of books
    10 feet of wood

    Just any material that you have around.
    The heavier and denser the better.
    It could be canned goods -
    or bags of wheat, beans, or potatoes.
    For any of the latter
    you would need about 6 feet of the material.

    Distance is also a factor.
    The center of the 7th floor
    of a fourteen story building
    will give good protection.
    More floors below and above -
    would be even better.

    Hope that helps.

    One other thing -
    and I think this is most important.
    Next to understanding fallout
    and survival preparation
    I think the two next greatest threats
    that will occur after a nuclear war -
    and which will probably be caused by it
    are social breakdown and pandemics
    caused by the breakdown of the sanitary systems.

    For this reason I have wanted to send out to everyone
    a free CD on how to deal with pandemics.
    Regrettably it does not appear to me
    that I will have the time or resources.
    Therefore I am going to direct you to:

    where you can download the information for free.
    I feel that the work that has been done there
    is one of the greatest contributions to public service
    of which I am aware.
    I highly commend the author of the site.

    Peace and love,

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